Running shoes for a marathon

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If the shoes are an extension of your body and every time you have to buy some you go crazy, we want to help you!

We have made a selection of the best 10 running shoes for marathons and, of course, to compete in triathlon so that you only have to choose the ones you like the most and give them a shot.

Let's go there!

Asics: Nimbus 20 Gel 

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_asics-gel-nimbus-20

Asics: Nimbus 20 GelShoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

Recognizable by their comfort, they are an excellent option to finish with the feet as whole as possible. Why are they so comfortable? Due to the system that integrates "Adaptive Gel", which not only provides total adjustment, but a reactivity that will help you when you need it most. Without seams and excellently reinforced, you will feel your footprint firm, safe and light. They are designed for runners of medium weight and with not too high rhythms (5: 30).


  • Weight: 305 gr
  • Drop: 10mm

In addition, it has a very attractive and varied design, including tributes to marathons from different cities. Your current RRP is between 135 and 180 € depending on the options you choose. 

Mizuno: Wave Ultima 10

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_mizuno-wave-ultima-10

Mizuno: Wave Ultima 10Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

Comfortable and dynamic: seamless, lightweight and flexible. For runners with a medium / high weight, it will provide great cushioning thanks to the CloudWave platform, which will also provide adaptation and support. His tongue is fastened so that it does not dislodge and annoy us. The sole, made with different materials and exclusive technologies, will not only give us stability, but a plus of reactivity. It responds well to athletes who find rhythms between the 4: 30 and the 5: 30.


  • Weight: 335 gr
  • Drop: 12mm

Regarding the design, we can say that they combine elegance with elements of great visibility. Your PVPR ranges between 100 and 140 €.

Adidas: Ultra Boost

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_adidas-ultra-boost

Adidas: Ultra BoostShoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

We can describe these shoes in a few words: flexible, comfortable, adjustable and lightweight. They fit perfectly and allow great cushioning while providing momentum due to the design of your Stretchweb outsole. It is designed for neutral and medium weight / light runners who are in times around the 4: 30. What you will find in this shoe is a sense of naturalness in the step, but at the same time grip and protection in the areas that require it most.


  • Weight: 310 gr
  • Drop: 10 mm

Something that strikes us is that they are not as striking as those of other brands. Your PVPR is approximately 160 €.

Brooks: Glycerin 16

Running shoes for a marathon,material_08_brooks-glycerin-16

Brooks: Glycerin 16Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

These shoes are explosive, as their name suggests. In addition, due to their anatomy they make very clear the type of athlete to which they are directed: unlike in the previous models, we find ourselves on this occasion with a shoe aimed at athletes of rather high weight. What do Glycerin 16 offer us? Cushioning and comfort. They are shoes for athletes with good technique, that is, they are around the 4: 30 / 5: 00. They are light, very adjustable and reactive.


  • Weight: 300 gr
  • Drop: 10 mm

Its padded interior and breathability are two other strengths of this shoe. In addition, if you know the brand, you will know that they give great importance to the midsole, subtracting thickness from the heel to add it to it. Your PVPR ranges between 130 € and 230 €. 

Skechers: Gorun Ride 7

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_skechers-gorun-ride-7

Skechers: Gorun Ride 7Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

I suppose that just seeing the brand will not be necessary to tell you the comfort that this model of sneakers provides. However, that does not mean that it is a shoe that offers great cushioning while lightness. Its design, like most of the brand, is striking. Breathable fabric and some seams that reinforce the areas of the foot that need it most.


  • Weight: 264 gr
  • Drop: 6 mm

Who are they aimed at? To middleweight athletes who are between 4:30 and 5:30. Its RRP is between € 50 and € 100.

Asics: Kayano 25

Shoes to run a marathon,material_08_asics-kanyano-25

Asics: Kayano 25Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

What does this shoe offer us? It is easy, stability and protection. It is a very versatile model, since it serves us both for short distance races and to face a marathon. It will improve your performance thanks to the support it provides, and its structure ensures you comfort throughout the journey, lasting what lasts. Its seams and reinforcements make this shoe a sturdy bet for runners of medium / high weight, with beats that come close to the 5: 00 (both upper and lower).


  • Weight: 325 gr
  • Drop: 10 mm

If you are looking for cushioning, stability and comfort, the Kayano 25 is your shoe. Its approximate RRP starts from € 130 to € 180.

Adidas: Supernova

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_adidas-supernova

Adidas: Supernova Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

A very dynamic model, thanks to the fact that it also has the technology boost in the sole, as we saw in the previous adidas model. They are shoes that we could say that adapt to many styles due to their structure. They are also recommended for medium weight athletes who move between the 4: 30 and the 5: 30. They are super comfortable, and offer good cushioning thanks to the technology of their sole. The foot adjustment could be said to be perfect.


  • Weight: 315 gr
  • Drop: 10 mm

They provide us with great stability and, despite the strength of their materials, they are very breathable. Your PVPR is between 85 € and 140 €.

New Balance: 1500 V4

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_new-balance-1500-v4

New Balance: 1500 V4Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

This brand has had a great takeoff in recent years and it shows that they are improving every year. On this occasion, we found a model that was designed with triathlon in mind, something we appreciate. They offer us multiple features that make them a very, very complete model: they are reactive, have cushioning and are lightweight. They are very light and, despite the cushioning they offer, very fast. They offer safety, grip and stability, and the sole is one of the strengths of the 1500 V4.


  • Weight: 230 gr
  • Drop: 6 mm

But, where we go, who are these shoes for? For medium weight athletes with good technique (4:30 or less). Its RRP ranges from € 70 to € 120. 

Nike: Air Zoom Elite 9

Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_nike-air-zoom-elite-9

Nike: Air Zoom Elite 9Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

They have exclusive features of the brand, such as the air chamber. They are shoes designed for athletes of low average weight, with good technique. They offer cushioning and lightness. In addition, it should be noted that the design is not only outstanding for the comfort and breathability that it brings, but also because they are really beautiful sneakers. In addition, they also offer us adjustment and stability.


  • Weight: 225 gr
  • Drop: 8 mm

These shoes can achieve virguerías if they put on the proper feet. Your PVPR is around the 70 € / 120 €.

Skechers: Gorun Forza 3

  Shoes to run a marathon, material_08_skechers-gorun-forza-3

Skechers: Gorun Forza 3Shoes to run a marathon, ir?t=triatlonnotic-21&l=ur2&o=30

Last but not least, we have the Forza 3 from Skechers. The brand itself describes its cushioning as "ultralight". Comfortable and breathable, will provide stability and security thanks to its structure with an upper in 3D and a triple density sole. They are shoes that provide efficiency in every stride. They have no seams, which favors the fit and comfort.


  • Weight: 225 gr
  • Drop: 6 mm

For medium weight athletes with good technique. Its RRP is around € 90 / € 110.

Which ones do you stay with?

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