Kiawe2.0 the shoes by Javier Gómez Noya

The new version of the Kiawe reaches the market improving performance at the express request of the triathlon world champion.


Zoot launches to the market the new model of its successful flyer: Ultra Kiawe 2.0. The shoe is presented as a revolution among its competitors for the improvements presented designed to meet the needs and benefits of the World Trichampion Javier Gómez Noya.


Zoot keeps betting on the best technology for triathlon-specific training and competition material. The new Kiawe2.0 is the perfect tool for those runners who look for adaptability and comfort at fast pace in the race.


The shoe keeps the traditional system of elastic cords that allow an efficient transition while maximizing the time in the T2. In the same way, the carbon plate is maintained in the sole to offer greater response in each of the strides.

The format of the Kiawe2.0 presents new features in comfort and comfort with a improved BareFit system. On this occasion a double board has been created, one Parallel membrane in the instep area that considerably increases the sensation of adaptability, subjection and comfort.

Another novel aspect of the shoe with which Gómez Noya took the world championship this 2013 was the insertion of a harder midsole. The three-time world champion asked for a firmer midsole in order to take better advantage of the strength in his footprint and increase the response of the shoe.

To make matters worse, we also wanted to influence the Breathable grips Of the same. A new mesh membrane converts the shoe in one of the most breathable in the market. This feature is perfectly adapted to the needs of the triathletes which can use the shoes without socks since its interior is composed of a single piece, thus avoiding chafing, and providing great breathability.

Obviously, the Kiawe2.0 offers the essential requirement to be the ultimate flyer. The lethal weapon of Javier Gómez Noya maintains his featherweight in 198g.

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