Zoggs launches the new Tiger, the off-road goggles

Zoggs continues, and will always continue, working under the strictest quality standards, and with the aim of offering the best swimming equipment to professionals, amateurs and children.

That is why its extensive catalog of glasses is joined by all those that belonged to the Head brand before the acquisition, and several novelties that have been presented this year.

Among them we find the new range of Tiger and Tiger LSR+ glasses, off-road swimming goggles that Zoggs has evolved into various formats.


After much research, observation and feedback from professional athletes, Zoggs has defined the top three requirements for a swimmer when purchasing goggles: clear vision, comfort and a lens that does not fog.

Given these results, the brand has set to work to improve the technologies of its parts, including adjustment, and also to create glasses that adapt to all possible situations.

One of the most important features of this goggle is that it is made in one piece, by using liquid silicone as a base, they have been able to iIntegrate lenses within the same frame and that these are closer to the eye and thus achieve a better visual field.

Furthermore, in the Tiger LSR+ model has the liquidskin technology, developed and patented by Mares and exclusive to this model.

It is a technology that achieves use two different silicones in the same mold, a harder silicone that is used to support the lenses and give consistency to the glasses and a much softer and more flexible silicone that is used in the area of ​​contact with the face, to give it better sealing and comfort . As if it were a second skin.

Finally, the lenses. Several different ones have been developed to adapt to all the conditions that light can offer. In the case of Tiger range, there are three different ones: the Titanium, the Smoked tint, and the Clear.

Titanium lenses filter light and glare very well; As a result, they offer very clear vision on sunny days or in bright environments.

In addition, like all Zoggs lenses, they have UV400 or UV380 protection, which filters between 99% and 100% of ultraviolet rays.

Smoked Tint lenses have medium protection against the sun and bright light, which means that they adapt very quickly to changes in light and visibility; They are perfect glasses for training outdoors.

Finally, the Tiger and Tiger LSR+ have a model with Clear lenses, which provide excellent clarity, as they are designed for low-light environments.


All the lenses in the Tiger and Tiger LSR+ range are curved, allowing 180º peripheral vision.

They are made of polycarbonate, a material that is sprayed with anti-fog technology that allows a sharp and clear vision during use.

The two glasses in the Tiger range are made up of a single piece made up of a silicone structure, which practically makes them a second skin.

In addition, they have a buckle that allows them to be adjusted quickly and intuitively. The two models have two different sizes: standard and small.

The combination of these technologies has resulted in goggles that are perfect for all occasions and that adapt to all the needs of a professional swimmer.

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