Five charming fresh water swimming

In the following article we show you five reservoirs, lakes or rivers where the swimming segment of different triathlons that stand out for their great beauty


articulos_rvideaarticulotravesias_riosequillo_buitrago Five charming fresh water swimming trips

Buitrago de Lozoya is one of the most visited towns of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, with a great charm and tourist attraction. It is located about 70km north of Madrid capital.

In the Buitrago River, the swimming of the tests of the Ecotrimad, competition that is disputed the 3 and 4 of June. The 3 Saturday in June is the Olympic without drafting in the morning and in the afternoon the triathlon of Media Distancia, which this year will be a test of the Spanish Cup of MD. On Sunday 4 the sprint distance tests are carried out.

On the other hand, in the Riosequillo reservoir, the swimming segment of the Challenge Madrid which will be the September 24.

articulos_rvideaarticulotravesias_riosequillo_buitrago Five charming fresh water swimming trips

Photo reservoir:

LAGO DE BAÑOLAS (Banyoles, Girona)

articulos_rvideaarticulotravesias_estany_de_banyoles Five charming fresh water swimming trips

The Bañolas Lake (Estany de Banyoles in Catalan) is located in the town of Banyoles about 20km north of Gerona. L'Estany de Banyoles is the largest natural lake in Catalonia, and together with its account are considered the most extensive karst complex (reliefs of dolomites and limestones) in Spain, having a great environmental value.

In L'Estany de Banyoles the swimming segment of the Triatló de Banyoles, one of the oldest in Spain with more than 30 editions. In this season will be held there the 22 of July is Spain sprint distance championship.


articulos_rvideaarticulotravesias_lago_engolasters Five charming fresh water swimming trips

It is a lake belonging to the parish of Encamp, in the principality of Andorra and is located at more than 160mm of altitude. It is located about 10km from Andorra la Vieja, capital of the principality and is formed by a glacial depression. The water is a blue color and while you swim you can see green meadows and forests full of pine trees. In this lake, the triathlon swimming segment of the Andorra Outodoor Games, to be held next July 23.



articulos_rvideaarticulotravesias_el_anillo Five charming fresh water swimming trips

In the Gabriel y Galán reservoir International Center for Sports Innovation in the Environmentl, also known as The ring. The Ring is in the limit of the municipal terms of Guijo de Granadilla and Zarza de Granadilla, on a small peninsula in to the margin this of the reservoir to about 20km of Plasencia.

In 2011 the facilities of the Ring were inaugurated and the Cross Triathlon World Championship was held.


EMBALSE DE PÁLMACES (Pálmaces de Jadraque, Guadalajara)

articulos_rvideaarticulotravesias_Palmaces Five charming fresh water swimming trips

In the small town of Pálmaces de Jadraque each month of July one of the most charismatic triathlons in Spain, the triathlon of Pálmaces with its characteristic distances of 1800m of swimming, 60km of cycling and 12km of running on foot that make it a unique event in Spain.

Swimming takes place in the Pálmaces reservoir, from where you can see the small population of Pálmaces de Jadraque of less than 100 inhabitants, but the next 22 in July will be transformed every year into an authentic triathlon party.


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