The Swimrun La Baells, Trail Running and Swimming in a single non stop test.

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With 22 kilometers away, the Swimrun La Baells will combine sections of authentic mountain trail with swimming in a race without transitions or interruptions that will host a maximum of 200 participants.

The multi-purpose trail arrives. Now it is no longer good just to know how to run. You also have to swim. Runners of trail running, triathletes, swimmers in open waters, athletes wanting to try new experiences ... all will meet at the 10 in June at the Swimrun La Baells, a test that arrives with the objective of presenting a new challenge to all those who move well in both disciplines, who are amphibians of trail and swimming.

With the Reservoir of La Baells, in Berga (Catalonia) as a scenario, the test is presented as a mountain swimrun, away from the sea and located in one of the most unique corners of Berguedà: the natural interest area of ​​the Serra de Picancel, which under the watchful eye of Pedraforca, you can discover on foot and breaststroke.

With departure and arrival in the municipality of Vilada, will have 5 tracts of land and 4 aquatic around the reservoir, for a total of 19km running and 3km of swimming, with a maximum of 948m swims continuously. The appointment will start at nine in the morning, will have 5 refreshments distributed throughout the circuit and a lunch in the arrival area.

The swimrun is a sport that was born in Sweden in the 2006 by the hand of Ötillo (Island to Island) the most extreme competitive event in the world. The initial idea was to make a race for the archipelago of Stockholm that supposed to go alternating sea and land.

During the first seven years, Ötillo was the only test that was carried out but in this 2017 the explosion of the Swimrun is already a reality that, also, can be experienced in Catalonia.

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Registrations for the Swimrun La Baells are already open in the web and it will be possible to participate individually (45 €) or in pairs (40 € / person).

The maximum time to complete the test will be 6 hours, in which dozens of athletes will tour the natural interest area of ​​the Serra de Picancel (Catalunya) and will be put to the test in a different race: a mountain swimrun in one of the the most special corners of the country.

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