Oceanman disembarks in Benidorm with the European Open Water Swimming Championship

The competition will take place in the bay of the city and will have three events: a competition of 10 km, a 'Half' of 5'5 km and a popular crossing of 1'5 km.

The beaches and the island of Benidorm will be the scene of the next October 25 of the show of Oceanman, an international swimming circuit in open waters that brings together the best swimmers in the world in each of the distances in which the competition is held. Benidorm is the fourth round of the circuit after those held in Altea, Palamós and Lago d'Orta in Italy and will also host the European Open Water Swimming Championships in Oceanman and Half Oceanman, so it will have the presence of all the favorites playing the title in these two categories.

Proof of the international prestige of the test is that the 40% of swimmers who have already registered are foreigners. At the moment there are already eleven nationalities represented. Spain, with 120 participants, leads the ranking, followed by Italy, represented with 33 swimmers, Russia with 23, United Kingdom with 14 and Poland with four. In addition, nations such as France, the Netherlands, the United States, Peru and Slovenia will also have swimmers in the waters of Benidorm.

Among the registered names are illustrious names of the Spanish and international swimming, such as Héctor Ruiz, current champion of Spain of open waters and World Cup in Kazan, Adrián González, current sub-champion of the discipline, the triathlete Víctor Benagues, the ilicitano José Luis Larrosa, Paco García, champion of Andalusia in open waters, the Polish Sebastian Karas, the Russian Evgeny Nikitin, winner of the Oceanman of Palamós, the British Georgia Amison, first in Altea in the 10 with the Catalan Nuria Ciuró, winner in long distance in Palamós.

Oceanman will also host a popular test of 1'5 kilometers for all those wishing to start swimming in the open sea. This competition, with departure and arrival at Mal Pas beach, will close the day and will bring together some 300 swimmers. Previously, the 'Half' Oceanman of 5'5 kilometers will gather, from the 12.00 hours, a maximum of 300 participants in a very attractive route, since they will take the exit from the spectacular island of Benidorm to, after surrounding it, swim to the finish line, located on Playa del Mal Pas.

The main course will arrive, however, first thing in the morning (09.00 hours) with the queen test: the Oceanman of 10 kilometers. The departure will take place from the Playa del Mal Pas, point to which swimmers must return after surrounding the island of Benidorm, tourist icon of the province of Alicante.

Lovers of swimming and nature have an obligatory appointment, since the high competitive level of the participants will add the natural beauty of the places for which they will pass each of the tests.

The Oceanman and Oceanwoman swimmers who opt for the European Championship have qualified for the Benidorm test after the results obtained in the tests held previously. The tests will also be open to unclassed swimmers who will complete the same course, but will not qualify for the final victory in the European Championship.

In the Oceanman and Half Oceanman test, therefore, there will be two different classifications. The first will detail the results obtained by the swimmers participating in the European championship and the second one of the swimmers not previously classified.
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