1.100 athletes will take Bilbao in the European Duathlon

The European duathlon in Bilbao reveals routes and schedules

The Bilbao Bizkaia 2022 Multisport Triathlon European Championship has revealed everything related to the duathlon.

It will be the most massive of the six disciplines that make up the great sports festival, and from September 17 to 24, it will bring together more than 8.000 athletes and companions from 30 different European countries, in a great triathlon event that It is estimated that it will generate an impact of 10 million euros for the region.

1.100 athletes, five categories and two days of competition for all audiences

 The Bilbao capital will host more than a thousand duathletes who will compete throughout a weekend full of sport.

It will start on Saturday, September 17 with the Sprint and Paratriathlon Age Group tests in the morning, while the Elite, Sub-23 and Junior tests will be held in the afternoon.

On the morning of Sunday, September 18, the Standard Age Group test will be held. Award ceremonies will take place both days. [More information on schedules]

For the Organizing Committee, formed by the Bilbao City Council, the Bizkaia Provincial Council and the Spanish Triathlon Federation, with the collaboration of Innevento and the support of the European Triathlon Federation, it was so important to be able to show the world the most emblematic areas of the Bilbao capital and that the athletes could run through several of them during the competition, as to affect the operations of the city as little as possible.

In this balance, it has opted to break down the competition into two days so that participants, companions, visitors and citizens can enjoy the great festival of sport in an environment of infinite possibilities.

The Ría, the Guggenheim, the Itsasmuseum, the Town Hall or Mount Artxanda, icons of the circuits

The neuralgic area will be located in the Arenal Park where the start and finish lines of the different categories that will make up the duathlon test will be located. All this within a design of the paths, taken care of down to the smallest detail.

With the Bilbao Estuary always present, in the Elite, Sub-23 and Junior categories, the foot race will cross two bridges attached to two very representative places in the city.

On the one hand, the Plaza del Arriaga, with its Theater of the same name, in neo-baroque style and built in honor of the Bilbao musician Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, the so-called 'Basque Mozart'.

On the other hand, the Town Hall, located in the old convent of San Agustín and which was built at the end of the XNUMXth century.

On the bike section, the views will inevitably take athletes to the majestic Guggenheim Museum, one of the most important contemporary art galleries in the world, which over the last decade has attracted an average of one million visitors a year and has become one of the icons of the city.

It will also run between the Salve bridge, the most photographed in the Bilbao capital, and the pedestrian walkway of the University of Deusto, with more than 125 years of history.

The Age Groups, both Sprint and Standard and the Open categories will have their epicenter in the Arenal, which will once again serve as the start and finish line.

The transition area will be in the Maritime Museum, the recognizable Itsasmuseum with the famous Karola crane, with more than half a century of life.

Behind it, another of the most important architectural works, such as San Mamés, the Athletic Club stadium. Once again, the Guggenheim Museum with its famous spider will be present on the tour, passing through the Calatrava bridge.

In the bike race, Mount Artxanda, a unique viewpoint from which to see the city, will serve to measure the strength of the duathletes. [More information about the tours]

Bilbao, city aligned with sport

 Bilbao is history. It is also culture, gastronomy, leisure, sustainability and of course sport.

That is why its City Council strives to promote the practice of physical activity as something as important as daily in the lives of its citizens, as a result of which it was recognized in 2012 as 'European City of Sport' in a prize awarded from Brussels. by the ACEs.

Its organizational experience is proven by the great events it has hosted over the years, such as the Vuelta Ciclista, hosting the World Cup of football and basketball, the European Rugby Finals and now the great international triathlon event that will bring together more than 8.000 people spread over the competitions at its venues: Getxo-Portugalete, Enkarterri-Balmaseda, Urdaibai-Balmaseda and Bilbao, where there will not only be sport in an event designed for everyone. [More information about activities]

Subsidy in registrations that march at a good pace

No one wants to be left without a bib number and their registrations are going at a good pace even with several months ahead until the competition.

All athletes who want to participate can enjoy until July 31 an average bonus on their registrations of up to 40%, thanks to the subsidy provided by the Organizing Committee to promote national participation, together with the effort of the organization of the event offering closeness and comfort to all triathletes, as was done in previous competitions. [More information about registration]

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