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Tomorrow the first batch of qualifiers for the Kona Ironman is published

The 26 of July will be known the list of the first classified for the Ironman World Championship this year.

The final ranking will close next August 23. This in this small article we want to tell you how is the classification process for the Ironman World Championship to be held in Kona next 10 2015 Ocutbre

In principle they are classified for the World Championship 50 men and 30 women, which will add points throughout the season to look for the classification.

There are two types of different rankings, the KPR (Kona Point Ranking) and the 70.3PR, the first serves for the classification of the Ironman test while the second for the distance 70.3 that this year will be held for the first time in Europe in Zell Am See (Austria) the next August 30.

How many points does a race give?

At this point we have to differentiate 2 types of races, the Ironman tests which gives the winners 2.000 points and the continental championships that award the amount of 4.000 points. In the pyou're talking 70.3 lRegional Championships award 1.500 points while the other 750 or 500 points.

Ranking of the Ironman World Championships

Last year, the WTC established a new scoring system, whereby only the 5 best results count, adding points from 3 Ironman events and 2 70.3. They have direct place for Kona, the Continental champions and the World Champion for the next 5 seasons

On July 26, the list of the 40 best men and 26 women who have obtained the classification for the World Championship will be known. After August 23, the rest of the classifieds will be known

As soon as Spanish for Kona Before the update of the Ranking, Iván Raña and Eneko Llanos , while Víctor del Corral and Miquel Blanchart would be at the gates of the classification.

20- Iván Raña 4 races, 5.840 points

Iván raña Kona points

24- Eneko Plains 4 races, 4980 points

Points Eneko Llanos

26- Clemente Alonso 3 races, 4880 points

Clemente Alonso Kona Points

43- Victor del Corral 5 races, 3860 points

Points Victor del Corral Kona

45- Javier Gómez Noya 2 Carreras, 3850 points

Gómez Noya ironman 70.3 points

46- Miquel Blanchart 4 races, 3700 points

Points Miquel Blanchart Kona



Male Ranking

Female Ranking


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