10 things about triathlon in 2020 that have made history

The Coronavirus pandemic has marked the sport this 2020

This year 2020 comes to an end, a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic which has meant a global social and economic change, which in turn has fully affected sporting events.

2020 started normally but from March we saw how sporting events began to be suspended worldwide, Confinement began, restrictions on mobility, and changes in consumption habits as well as in our way of doing "sports", becoming very popular with cyclists and triathletes, assuming a "stock break" never seen before.

Then little by little thanks to the effort and protocols that have been designed To protect the triathletes, some tests have been disputed, something that gives us hope for 2021.

We already have a planned competition schedule for next year, The first vaccines have arrived and although it is not expected that the competitions will be like those of the old “normality”, it does seem that we will be able to put on a number again in 2021.

In this article we want to collect 10 stuff that have already made history this 2020 and that we will not forget

The "total" suspension for the first time of IRONMAN Hawaii

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IRONMAN / Running segment IRONMAN Hawaii

It was the second time that the IRONMAN World Championship, in a year where a duel with everything was expected, with Frodeno, Noya, Alistair  And all the greats from the distance

They also made their debut in the mecca of triathlon Emilio Aguayo y Judith Corachán

At first they wanted to celebrate 2 World Cups in 2021, but this option was finally canceled. The dispute of 2 world championships in a year already happened in 1982 that were disputed in February and October.

This is the first time that the IRONMAN World Championship will not take place in its 43 years and the first time for the 70.3 event since its inception in 2006.

The ITU Championship has been held again to a single test

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ITU / Vicent Luis World Champion 2020 in Hamburg

In 2020, the ITU was forced to change the format of the world championship, returning to a single test in Hamburg, something that had not happened since 2008.

The victory went to the French Vicent Luis, who won his second world title and Georgia Taylor Brown.

The PTO appears on the scene

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PTO / Javier Gómez Noya at the Daytona Circuit

The Professional Triathletes Association (PTO) has appeared on the scene in style. With an economic ranking and the PTO Championship dispute with over $ 1 million in prizes we saw in Challenge Daytona a test with a level simulating that of the IRONMAN Kona at the level of professional athletes but which was contested over the «Half» distance

The PTO has arrived and will surely mark a before and after in this sport at a professional level.

The suspension of the Tokyo Olympics

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elespanol.com / A Japanese with a mask

The pandemic appeared in 2020 in the year that the Tokyo Olympics should have been played.

The IOC tried until the last moment to celebrate it, but the evolution of Covid-19 forced postpone games to 2021

Competitions with protocols and mask

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Facebook Ondřej Litery / Just before the start of the Nova Cup Cyklovyza with the athletes wearing masks

Thanks to the protocols created by the FETRI and the World Triathlon we were able to see some competitions in 2020, but always marked with the Covid-19 measures

The FETRI designed its action plan where they collected the protocols to do in competition, where the use of a mask is mandatory until the time of departure.

Chris Nikic, first triathlete with Down syndrome to do an IRONMAN

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IRONMAN / Chris Nikic first athlete with Down Syndrome to complete an IRONMAN

Last November, Chris nikic made history in the IRONMAN Florida becoming the first triathlete with Down syndrome to finish a test at this distance.

Marisol Casado re-elected president of the World Triathlon

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ITU / Marisol Casado re-elected president at the 2020 World Triathlon congress

Marisol Married at 64, will be again the president of the World Triathlon until the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

She is the only woman on the International Olympic Committee since 2010 and was elected ITU president in 2008.

Jose Hidalgo 22 years at the head of the FETRI

10 triathlon things in 2020 that have made history,img_5f4b43e68662d
José Hidalgo re-elected President of the FETRI

He was elected in 1998 and has been in office ever since. This past August was reelected for another 4 years.

Triathlon News turns 10

10 triathlon things in 2020 that have made history,img_5fe2eb013c7cf
10 years of triathlon in Triathlon News

 Ya 10 years have passed since we started our journey in November 2010.

From that moment until we have published about 13.000 news y more than 140.000 followers in social networks and million readers

Spain hosts the last international test of 2020

10 triathlon things in 2020 that have made history,img_5feaddafef4d3
ITU, Tommy Zaferes / Valencia Triathlon World Cup 2020

The city of Valencia hosted the last Triathlon World Cup 2020, with a very high level that has served to consolidate our country as one of the best triathlon organizers.

Proof of fact is that, in 2021, Spain will host 5 international tests in A Coruña, Banyoles, Barcelona, ​​Melilla and Valencia

For the 2021, from Triathlon News we want the pandemic to be controlled and allow us to enjoy sport again as we did before to see again our great athletes who have positioned Spain as a world power.

Just wish a lot of HEALTH to all our readers and thank you for always being there HAPPY 2021!

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