10 days for the World Series in the Bermuda Islands

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The next 28 of April the WTS Series travel for the first time in its history to the Bermuda Islands, the land of the double world champion Flora Duffy.

All the Bermuda Islands will host the second WTS of the year, after the one held in Abu Dhabi in early March, where Henry Shoeman and Rachel Klamel took the victory, so they are the current leaders of the world ranking. 

The Bermuda Islands will be the smallest country in size and population to host a WTS throughout history.

It will also be the first great triathlon of the season Olympic distance, since to date both the WTS of Abu Dhabi and the three World Cups held (Cape Town, Mooloolaba and New Playmoth) have been in sprint distance.

The competition will consist of one Swimming to 2 turns next to the port of Hamilton, later the Cycling consist of 10 turns to a circuit of 4km It runs parallel to the sea in two large straight lines with a small technical area that itches upwards at the turning point. We will have to be very careful with the doubles since being such a short circuit and with so many laps who come out a bit behind the swim should organize well and pedal hard. Finally the 4 walking race laps of 2,5 km also parallel to the sea, until completing the 10km.

Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza, Vicente Hernández y Uxío Abuín will be the Spanish representatives in Bermuda, where there will be no Spanish triathlete in the women's competition.  

How is the Ranking?

Mola current world champion is currently the 2 number of the WTS world rankings and will seek in Bermuda the leadership that is in the hands of Henry Shoeman, winner in Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, Fernando, Chente and Uxío will try to climb positions in the world ranking, where they currently occupy the 17ª, 22ª and 38ª squares. 

In the face of the competition they are registered Jonnathan Brownlee as the sole representative of Great Britain, the South Africans Murray y Schoeman, the Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt And French Vicent Luis as the main rivals of the Triarmada.

Top 5 WTS World Ranking (men)

1.- Henry Shoeman 1.000 points

2.- Mario Mola 925

3.- Vicen Luis 856

4.- Léo Bergere 791

5.- Jaob Birtwhistle 732

As regards the women's competition Rachel Klamer will start with the number 1 as the world leader, in a race where Flora Duffy It is the great favorite to victory. We must also bear in mind the debut this season of the young Taylor Knibb, in his first season as sub23.

Top 5 WTS World Ranking (women)

1.- Rachel Klamer 1.000 points

2.- Jessica Learmonth 925

3.- Natalie Van Coevorden 856

4.- Kirsten Kasper 791

5.- Melanie Santos 732

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Photo: Wagner Araujo - ITU

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