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10 things that will make you choose Challenge Peguera Mallorca to finish the season

The test takes place on October 15

Everyone knows the Island of Mallorca, what it offers, the good weather, the climate, its beaches, its gastronomy, its leisure and entertainment offer, but it is also the perfect place to practice and compete in triathlons.

Proof of this is that each year it hosts one of the best tests of the Challenge Family franchise, the Challenge Peguera Mallorca.

This competition, which is played under medium distance format, has been chosen as the franchise's race of the year, which positions it as a perfect destination to practice our sport.

Also for this 2022 will be part of the circuit of the Cup of Spain of Medium and Long distance organized by the FETRI.

If you still do not know Challenge Peguera Mallorca, we want to give you 10 reasons why you should take it into account

10 reasons to compete in Challenge Peguera Mallorca

The tradition of the Devils

Since its inception, the test has wanted to link its image to one of the most colorful cultural manifestations of the island, the traditional Dimonis de Mallorca.

You will be able to live that tradition in the first person and throughout the event. Not only in the opening and closing shows of Challenge Mallorca, they are also present at points along the route, in the race designs, in the prizes, etc.

The athlete, the center of attention

As the organization has already shown in the pandemic with its cancellation policy, the athlete always comes first.

Challenge Peguera Mallorca works year after year to improve the event, but always under the same mantra, seeking the satisfaction of the protagonists of the event, the athletes.

Your cycling circuit

One of the claims of this competition is its cycling circuit.

It's spectacular, fun, hard, fast at times. Ideal for those passionate about cycling.

It is the pure essence of Mallorca, as it combines all kinds of landscapes and terrain, ideal for enjoying triathlon in its purest form.

Their environment

One thing is for sure, you will not forget the atmosphere of this test. Tourists, visitors, locals, etc. they form a perfect brotherhood that fills the streets of Peguera during the days of the event.

The fact that within a radius of 150 meters, the area houses all the essential points of the race (start, finish, transition, fair, awards ceremony, run circuit), creates a spectacular atmosphere, with a lot of animation , which is undoubtedly an incentive for people who compete

the island of majorca

Mallorca is known as one of the world triathlon paradises and one of the most important holiday centers in the world.

It is also chosen by many cyclists to prepare for the preseason due to its great weather.

Its variety of landscapes, a privileged meteorology, its rich cultural heritage or its spectacular gastronomy, serve to create an attractive set that year after year convinces millions of people from all over the world.

It's a festival challenge

As usual in all the events of the Challenge Family franchise, its events are not just about competition, but rather it is focused on giving an offer for the whole family.

During the previous week, a program of activities and services for the whole family is developed, with proposals for children, their own culture, gastronomy, sports or the environment.

The objective is that each person who, for one reason or another, is interested in Challenge Peguera Mallorca, has options to enjoy the event.

Peguera, a town with all services.

The town of Peguera is only 20 kilometers from the island's airport, very well connected with Palma and the rest of the island's places of interest.

In addition, Peguera has an important hotel, restaurant, commercial and activity offer.

From routes through the wonderful Serra de Tramuntana to getting lost in the paradisiacal cove of Caló des Monjo.

Take a motorcycle route, swim in open water or accompany the children to a water or adventure park.

Multiple options and above all, a set of services to make your stay very comfortable and enjoyable.

A perfect combination, Triathlon and vacations

The organization has strategically chosen the date of the test in mid-October so that sport and tourism can be combined.

For many, this date may be ideal to end the season in a big way, with a middle-distance test in one of the best competitions in the world.

It is a spectacular destination to end the year with a spectacular competition and a few days of relaxation on the island, taking advantage of the good temperatures that still remain in October and that the season is coming to an end and there is no overcrowding.

its gastronomy

For many this is undoubtedly a compelling reason and on the island of Mallorca you can find a rich, varied and healthy gastronomy of its own.

In addition, in the Peguera area, there is a quality offer with many international or national proposals. It offers experiences for all kinds of tastes.

Quality guarantee.

The competition of this 2022 will be the 8th edition of the event.

In addition to the spectacular circuits, the services adapted to all needs, or a complete program of previous activities for all people, Challenge Peguera Mallorca has been characterized by offering a global event of great quality.

Chosen in 2019 as the BEST CHALLENGE FAMILY RACE IN THE WORLD, the event has an overall rating of 4,8 out of 5, achieving an excellent test rating.

 If you are still not convinced take a look at the video of the test

Learn more https://challenge-mallorca.com/

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