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13 Spanish in the Mediterranean Championship in Portugal

The test will start at 11 Spanish time

Tomorrow Saturday 11 will be held in Siles (Portugal) on Mediterranean Triathlon Championship ITU, where Spain will be represented by 13 Spaniards.

In the men's event we will have Spanish 10 led by Genis Grau y Jordi García. While in the women's event we will have Spanish 3 with Xisca Tous, Marta Sanchez e Inés Castaño.

Spanish list:

Urko Herrán Aguilar
Jordi García Gracia
Mikel Ugarte Ramos
Alfonso Bastos Garcia
Juan Antonio Vergara Nebro
Vicente Pérez Soloviev
Genis Gray
Iago Lorenzo soto
Martin Race Coasts
Alejandro White hair
xisca All
Agnes Castaño García
Marta Sanchez Hernandez

The test will begin at 10:00 (11:00 Spanish time) with the women's test and will end at 11:45 (12:45 Spanish time) with the men's test

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