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More than 1.700 triathletes will compete in the Ecotrimad this weekend

The town of Buitrago de Lozoya will once again be the epicenter of the Madrid triathlon, with the celebration of Ecotrimad, the oldest middle distance triathlon in Madrid.

On June 16 and 17, the Madrid triathlon party will take place at ECOTRIMAD, with its Mid Distance Triathlon, the most important in the Community of Madrid, together Olympic Distance Madrid Championship, the Grand Final of School Triathlon Ecotrikids and several more competitions.

Swimming will be one lap in the Riosequillo reservoir with the town of Buitrago de Lozoya next, one of the most spectacular swimming that can be done in Spain. The route of the bicycle are 74 km (two laps of 37km.) with accumulated altitude of 1.150 meters approximately, with continuous slides. It also highlights the passage through the wall of 2 dams (El Villar and Puentes Viejas) and through an area of ​​the Sierra Pobre in Madrid.

 So it refers to the race on foot this year the race on foot is softer and flatter, with one 50% of asphalt and another 50% for hard dirt tracks. It will consist of a climb that starts in the pits and goes directly through the Riosequillo dam, where the triathletes will cross in this part to enter a small ring of dirt road that ends parallel to the water before returning to the wall. There will be two laps and in each round you pass through the finish area of ​​the Gredos School.

In the male category Jose Almagro y Victor Rodriguez are the top favorites, while in women, Monica Flagueras defends title and together Eva Valero y Olga Pons they are the trio of candidates for victory.

The 16 Saturday, in addition to the Ecotrimad Half Distance Triathlon, will also celebrate the Olympic triathlon without Drafting and relays of the MD.

For its part, Sunday 17 will be the turn forThe sprint triathlon, the championship of Madrid Olympic Distance and Grand Final of the Ecotrikids School Triathlon

Competition schedules:

Saturday June 16:

Medium distance tests

  • 10: 30 h. Male Output Half Distance
  • 10: 35 h. Female Output Half Distance
  • 10: 45 h. Relay and Open Media Distance.
  • 11: 00 h Call camera for the Olympic
  • 11: 30 h. 1ª Olympic start without male drafting (junior and senior included)
  • 11: 35 h. 2ª Olympic start without male drafting (from veteran 1 to veteran 3 included)
  • 11: 40 h. Olympic exit without female drafting

Dominican 17 June:

Test sprint distance (federated and non-federated) + Cto. Madrid distance Olympic CON drafting + Grand Final Circuit Ecotrikids School

  • 09: 00 Single male output Cto. Olympic Madrid with drafting
  • 09: 10 Single female output Cto. Olympic Madrid with drafting
  • 09: 15 Non-Federated (masc and fem)
  • 13: 00 Exit to Sprint Triathlon Masc: cadet, junior and senior included
  • 13: 03 Exit B Sprint Masc Triathlon: Veteran 1, 2 AND 3 included
  • 13: 07 Sprint Fem Triathlon Exit, including cadets (no school circuit)
  • 16: 00 Pre-vanish output 1 / prebenjamín 2
  • 16: 15 Youngest child 1 / youngest child 2
  • 16: 45 Male / female fry output
  • 17: 15 Male / female outing
  • 18: 15 Male / female cadet output

Further information: http://ecotrimad.com/

Photos: Cano FotoSports


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