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18 Spaniards in the ATU Sprint Triathlon Africa Cup in Larache

Today 24 in October we will have a total of 18 participants in the Moroccan port city.

One more year the ATU Sprint Triathlon Africa Cup de Larache will welcome a wide representation of Spanish triathletes. On October 24 we will have a total of 18 participants in the Moroccan port city.

In the female category Anna Godoy, Melina Alonso, Marta Sánchez y Delioma González They will prepare to take the exit on the Lukus River. After making the 750 m of the section, they will launch a 20 km cycle route divided into four laps. Subsequently, they subtract the four laps of running on foot, until completing a 5 km segment.

For its part, Jesús Gomar (Silver in the 2014 edition) returns to the town of northwestern Morocco, leading a large Spanish participation. Next to the triathlete of Gandía, it will also be Nan Oliveras, Antonio Benito, Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, Ricardo Hernandez, Jordi García Gracia, Jools Beardon, Ignacio González, Bruno Raso, Antonio Miguel Diaz, Camilo Puertas, Carlos Galisteo, Kevin Tarek Viñuela y Guillermo Ferrer.

An event in which Javier Chavarren will act as technical delegate. In turn, and as a result of the international cooperation program, five other Spanish officers (Laura Reyes, Noelia Rivas, Juanjo Juste, José Alacid and Carmen Gómez) will support Larache's initiative, acting in various areas during the development of the competition.


Photo: ITU

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