18 paratriathletes declared high level athletes

Last Friday, December 23, 2011, the list of high-level athletes corresponding to the second list of 2011 was published in the BOE. All the requests for paratriathletes presented by the Spanish Triathlon Federation have been admitted, so from the date From its publication and for all intents and purposes, the following athletes have met the integration criteria and, consequently, are considered high-level, enjoying the benefits attributed to such consideration.


Said athletes are those listed below:

  • Rafael Botello Jimenez (TRI 1)
  • Luis Bustingorri Alebrdi (TRI 4)
  • Norberto Chavez Oliva (TRI 1)
  • Toni Franco Salas (TRI 4)
  • Alain Fuertes Alduncin (TRI 1)
  • Mikel Garmendia Fernandez (TRI 5)
  • Ivan Hompanera Alvarez (TRI 3)
  • Rafael Lopez Ordonez (TRI 1)
  • Ricardo Marin Arcis (TRI 2)
  • Javier Merida Prieto (TRI 2)
  • Moises Osuna Duran (TRI 6)
  • LLuis Marc Pellicer Suazo (TRI 4)
  • Fernando Riaño Riaño (TRI 6)
  • Susana Rodriguez Gacio (TRI 6)
  • Ruben Sanchez Diaz (TRI 4)
  • Francesc Solá Garcia (TRI 1)
  • Santiago Solino Nebot (TRI 3)
  • Miguel Angel Ubeda Salmeron (TRI 5)

BOE - December 23, 2011. List of high level athletes

On the website of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) you can find all the information about high-level athletes

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