1º Enduroman Festival in Lanzarote

The next 5th and 6th of February the 1st Enduroman Triathlon Festival will be held in Lanzarote.

This test contains 4 types of triathlon, as can be seen in the following table:

Double Enduroman Lanzarote: Swimming 7,6 km. Bike 360 km. Race: 84,39 Km.
Enduroman Lanzarote: Swimming 3,8 km Bike 180 km. Race: 42,19 Km.
Half Enduroman Lanzarote: Swimming 1, 9 km Bike 90 km. Race: 21 Km.
Olimpid Enduroman Lanzarote: Swimming 1,5 km Bike 40 km. Race: 10 Km.

An event organized to bring together Triathletes of all levels. Congratulate the organization for this initiative and we hope to see on the peninsula

more festivals like this.

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