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More of 2.000 athletes in the Seville Triathlon

The Seville Triathlon continues its unstoppable growth

The XXII Sanitas Triathlon of Seville®® that takes place this Sunday, April 29 has been presented this morning at the Laredo Building. The event was attended by José Luis David Guevara, Delegate Councilor for Sports of the Seville City Council; Sofía Gallego, secretary of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation; Encarnación Rojo, head of the Sanitas area; José María Merchán, former Olympic triathlete; and Samer Ali-Saad, winner 9 times of the Seville Triathlon.

An event that continues with its unstoppable growth, exceeding in this edition the 2.000 participants. Sevilla consolidates with this test, third of the Europa FM Circuit, as one of the great references of triathlon not only in our country (it is the first great triathlon of the year of all those held in the great capitals of Spain), but also internationally (an 8% of those registered are from foreign origin). This generates an economic impact of one million euros. In addition, we must highlight the female presence in the test, with an 17% of women enrolled.

Triatlon_Sevilla_17_completo Clip from OFSPORT on Vimeo.


This Seville Triathlon is the icing on the cake for a month in which the city has become reference of this sport, since at the beginning of April the 5 edition of the Half Triathlon of Seville, with the victories of Robert Brundish and Anna Noguera.

José Luis David Guevara: "Seville is one of the most important triathlon cities due to the characteristics of the city, the weather, the river, the sports facilities. This can be seen in the increase in federation licenses for Seville, in the number of Seville sportsmen who will participate in non-federated sports and in the proliferation of clubs in the city. There will be tests for all levels, such as Half, for a more specialized audience; the triathlon, for all; and the league of clubs next fall, where all the national clubs will come to compete".

Encarnación Rojo, responsible for Sanitas area: "We are a company closely linked to sports, and we bet on healthy habits and well-being. We have links with the high performance sport through Real Madrid, popular racing circuit, and this was the icing that we needed to complete the great commitment to sport".

Sofia Gallego, secretary of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation: "The importance of the Seville Triathlon for the promotion of sport at the regional and national levels, one of the aspects to be highlighted is the work done jointly with the City Council of Seville and with the citizens. I want to praise the volunteers, essential for sporting events".

José María Merchán, former Olympic triathlete: "HIt is worth noting the evolution of this event in the city, going from being a test of 200 participants, to consolidating itself as one of the most important tests at the national level, with more than 2.000 participants. I am very excited to compete again in the Seville Triathlon, after several years without doing it. It is a new challenge to help a paratriathlete as a guide to achieve his dream of going to the Olympic Games and being present at the national championships. It is the illusion to be this year in the triathlon of my city, in which I hope to enjoy and, above all, that a perfect event comes out in all its dimensions".

Samer Ali-Saad, winner of the Seville Triathlon on 9 occasions: "This year I will not be able to compete, because of a knee injury. Still, I will be on Sunday in the test encouraging all athletes, because I love the Triathlon of Seville for being the best organized in Spain".

A safe and designed triathlon so that swim in the Guadalquivir River with an incredible temperature, plus a fast cyclist circuit and a foot race in which the public does not stop cheering in the Parque del Alamillo from start to finish. With a forecast of 20ºC, an ideal temperature for practicing this sport.

This new edition of the classic Seville event will be played over three different distances with outputs in waves: Olympic (1.500 meters of swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km of running on foot), Sprint (750 m, 20 km and 5 km), and Super Sprint (350 m, 10 km and 2,5 km). In addition, there will be teams of relays (Team race where each athlete makes a segment 350 m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km race on foot), and Triathlon of Equality (Cross the finish line with your partner 350m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km of running on foot).

The XXII Sanitas Triatlón de Sevilla® is organized by OF SPORT, in coordination with the Municipal Sports Institute of the Seville City Council and the Andalusian Triathlon Federation. Sponsored by Sanitas.
With the support of Junta de Andalucía, Europa FM, Airesur Shopping Center, Nutrisport, Credus Espacios Deporvida as a specialized sports center, Coca Cola, Hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, Orca, Expobikes, Training Garden, Parque del Alamillo and Coca Cola.

All the information and registrations available on our website: www.triatlondesevilla.com as well as on our social networks:

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