20% discount on Tristar111 Madrid

The Madrid Triathlon Federation and TriStar have reached an agreement: All federated triathletes in the Madrid Federation will obtain a 20% off special on the official registration price until April 25 for the TriStar111 Madrid.

To benefit from the offer you just have to enter the FEDMAD code at the time of online registration. When you go to remove the bib,
It will verify that the athlete is truly federated in Madrid, otherwise he will have to pay the difference at that time.

Those federated who register after April 25 will not be able to take advantage of this exclusive special promotion.

A peculiarity of this test is that unlike other TriStar111, Drafting is allowed in Madrid! The Casa de Campo will host on July 3 the first edition of the TriStar111 Madrid, an innovative format with great success in the world of triathlon at the international level and that will allow your companions to see you very easily during your participation almost without leaving the site.

20% discount on Tristar111 Madrid

It will be next July 3: 1 km of swimming, 100 km of cycling and 10 km of walking, adding a total distance of 111 km with drafting! La Casa de Campo is the great stage chosen to host the TriStar111 Madrid, an unbeatable location for athletes and spectators to enjoy a high-quality sporting event.

Triathletes from all over Europe will have the opportunity to tour the circuit where the ITU World Series event takes place.

You can find the information of the test here

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