• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The Challenge Family Championship adopts the standard of the 20 meters of Drafting

The franchise has confirmed in a statement that the No Drafting regulations of 20 meters will be implemented in The 2018 Championship.

 The test will be held in Salmorin (Slovakia) next June in its second edition after the success achieved last year with the victory of Lionel Sanders and Lucy Charles.

Why is this rule applied?

The objective of this regulation is to deny any aerodynamic advantage that a cyclist could have when standing behind a partner. Athletes will always be asked to keep that distance from 20 meters and move forward in parallel to their competitors. avoid taking advantage of "go wheel"

How to classify?

Between Spain and Portugal we have 3 qualifying events for the Championship as they are Challenge Mogan, Challenge Lisboa and Challenge Salou 

Learn more www.thechampionship.de

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