• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Toledo is Triathlon reaches the 200 participants

The medium distance test to be held next May 6 in one of the most beautiful cities in the country, Toledo

Toledo is Triathlon will celebrate its 3rd edition of the , over a distance of 1,9 km of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 21 km of running, where this year it will also be Regional Triathlon Half Distance Championship Castilla la Mancha.


The swimming test will take place in the Cazalegas reservoir, covering a distance of 1.900 meters. There the T1 will be located to start the cycling sector. The cycling sector will travel 80 kilometers through a rspectacular ecorrido and following the path of the Tagus River until arriving at TOLEDO, where the T2 will be located, transition to start the race on foot. The organization has published a video of the cycling circuit

The last sector of the test, the race on foot, of 21,095 km. It has 3 laps of 7 km, and It will end in the enchanted capital of TOLEDO. A spectacle without equal.

Promotional video Toledo is Triathlon

More information: http://toledoestriatlon.es

Photo: Facebook Toledo is Triathlon

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