21 Spaniards in the Coimbra European Cup

Tomorrow, June 12, the Triathlon European Cup of Coinbra where Spain will have 21 representatives.

The test with very fast cycling and running segments will be held on sprint distance.

The favorites are Lukas Pertl 7th in Caorle and Johannes Vogel 3rd in the African Cup in Hammamet, Jørgen Gundersen and the Spanish Sergio Baxter Cabrera 5th in Caorle.

In dies Estelle Perriard top ten in Olsztyn and Caorle is one of the favorites along with Pia Totsching, Bianca Seregni 4th in Dnipro among others


The test will be held on Saturday June 12 at the following times

  • Brigade women: 10 AM (11 in Spain)
  • Men: 11:30 AM (12:30 In Spain)

Where to watch live?

The test can be followed live through the page https://europe.triathlon.org/live/

Spanish List

Dorsal First Name Last Name Category
20 Sergio Baxter cabrera M
32 Andrew Cendan Llorens M
47 Ander Noain Lacamara M
48 Iago Lorenzo soto M
54 Fernando Uceda pear tree M
60 George Gonzalez Marino M
61 James rodado gonzalez M
67 Daniel Pla M
4 Tamara Gomez Garrido F
8 Cecilia Santamaria Surroca F
11 Noelia Juan F
21 Would go Rodriguez F
27 Iratxe Arenal Arribas F
31 Sofia Aguayo Mauri F
34 Laura Rodriguez Salinas F
37 Pillar Garcia Llorena placeholder image F
41 Andrea Cernuda Herraiz F
42 Paula Sanchez Garcia F
43 Sonia Ruiz Melguizo F
45 Natalia Hidalgo Martinez F
46 Marta Reguero Gonzalez F

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