226ERS, official nutrition of the OTSO Challenge Salou

The prestigious sports nutrition brand 226ERS will be the official sports nutrition brand of the OTSO Challenge Salou that will be held this coming June 2.

With a complete range of products designed to optimize performance and recovery, 226ERS will be present at the test supply points,

Products that you can try

Participants of the OTSO Challenge Salou will find at the refreshment points a wide variety of 226ERS products, adapted to the specific needs of each discipline:

  • RACE DAY: Gluten-free energy bars, available in delicious flavors such as BCAA Apple and Cinnamon, Choco bits Coffee and Chocolate, and Salty Trail Peanuts, will provide a constant supply of energy without compromising digestion.
  • HIGH ENERGY GEL: 76g sticks with 50g of time-release carbohydrates, ideal for maintaining pace during cycling and running.
  • ENERGY GEL: 25g gels with essential minerals such as sodium and potassium, which promote hydration and delay fatigue.
  • HIGH FRUCTOSE GEL: 80g sticks with an optimal combination of maltodextrin and fructose, allowing rapid absorption of carbohydrates without stomach discomfort.
  • HYDRAZERO: Hypotonic drink with 500mg of sodium per dose, essential to replace electrolytes and maintain water balance.
  • SUB9 PRO SALTS ELECTROLYTES: Capsules with vitamins, minerals and extra caffeine to enhance performance in hot and humid conditions.

Quality and commitment to the athlete

226ERS stands out for its commitment to quality and the health of athletes, using natural ingredients, without gluten or GMOs.

Its philosophy is based on offering products that not only provide energy, but also facilitate the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, essential to successfully face a challenge like the OTSO Challenge Salou.

Challenge Salou 2024 bib promotion

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