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2.500 registered in the Challenge Barcelona

El  Challenge Barcelona Triathlon will be held on October 8 and the expectation is increasing since it has about 2.500 registered triathletes in which is the first edition of the test.

This event is emerging as one of the most massive triathlons in the entire Spanish territory.

Event Details

On Sunday 8th of October, Barcelona will be the perfect setting for an unforgettable sporting event.

The registration limit set at 3.000 participants You still have time to sign up for the test.


The test will have several distances:

Format Swimming Cycling Career
elite short 1500 m 60 km 15 km
Olympic 1500 m 40 km 10 km
Sprint 750 m 20 km 5 km
Super Sprint 300 m 7 km 2.5 km
Junior Challenge 300 m 7 km 1.5 km
Aquathlon 750 m - 5 km

professional athletes

Among those registered for the Challenge Barcelona there are more than 30 professional triathletes of various nationalities who have confirmed their participation.

Frederick Funk, Emma Pallant, David McNamee, Margie Santimaria are some of the most prominent PROS in the test.

In addition, the Spanish stand out Antonio Benito, Albert Moreno, Guillem Montiel, Guillem Rojas, Julen Ten, Roger Manya, Inaqui Baldellou, Cesc Artigues, Diego Mentrida, Oriol Gili, Jordi Garcia, ander noain, Daniel Toulouse, Sara Perez, Helene Alberdi, Marta Sanchez:  Martha Bourbon among others.

Learn more https://www.triathlon.barcelona/es

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