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28 dropouts in the toughest marathon in history

The conditions in the test were extreme: 33 degrees and 73% humidity.

The Kenyan Ruth Chepngetich got Friday the title of marathon world champion in Doha after surviving one of the toughest tests remembered in marathon.

With a temperature of 33 temperature degrees and a humidity percentage of 73%, were many of the participants had to abandon the test.

In total, 28 dropouts in a marathon that 68 athletes had started. Only 40 crossed the finish line, among them, the Spanish Marta Galimany, who was sixteenth.

Ruth Chepngetich, marathon world champion
EFE / Ruth Chepngetich, marathon world champion

Its time far from your personal brand, 15 minutes slower

The time of the world champion, Chepngetich, is far from her best personal brand. He stopped the clock in Doha with 2h: 32: 43, 15 minutes more than his record.

Despite the hundreds of bottles of water and ice bags distributed, the conditions were very tough for a test as demanding as the marathon.

According to 20 minutes, in recent days, the president of the International Athletics Federation, the IAAF, Sebastian Coe, had to deal with the rumors that pointed to a suspension of the marathon event due to high temperatures, but both he and the organizing committee guaranteed that everything would take place normally under the circumstances.

Finally, there has been no regret of any serious loss, but the athletes have suffered in excess to complete the appointment.

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