3 years and 9 months in prison for the driver who killed 3 cyclists in Oliva (Valencia)

As reported the country  the head of the Criminal Court number 1 of Gandía (Valencia) has csentenced to three years and nine months in prison to a driver who ran over a group of cyclists when driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, causing the death of three of them and injuries to another three.

The magistrate has issued the ruling in voce and has declared it final in the course of a hearing held this Monday by agreement of the parties.

The conformity sentence establishes that the driver committed a crime against road safety, three crimes of gross negligence homicide and other three from gross reckless injuries.

In addition to the custodial sentence, the ruling imposes on the convicted six years of deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds, which leads to the permanent loss of the permit.

The driver, who served a year in provisional prison after her arrest, was released after posting a bail of 7.000 euros in May 2018.

The defendant, MVSV, has acknowledged the facts, happened early in the morning of May 7, 2017 on the N-332 road, between the towns of Dénia (Alicante) and Oliva (Valencia).

The driver was driving towards Alicante on the aforementioned road under the influence of alcohol and toxic substances that she had been ingesting since her working hours ended, around one in the morning, and until at least four hours later, according to the sentence.

The court has not ruled on civil liability since the victims and injured parties have already been compensated by the driver's insurance company.

The woman lost control of her vehicle, invaded the lane in the opposite direction of traffic and ran over a group of six cyclists when they were driving early on the N-332.

In the group were Luis Alberto Contreras, 53 years old, Eduardo Monfort and José Antonio Albi, both 28 years old.

The condemned woman ran them over and the first two suffered an acute multiple trauma that produced cardio-respiratory failure and instant death; and the third was transferred in serious condition to a hospital where he died after spending four days in the ICU. The other three members of the platoon were injured, two of them seriously.

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