3 Spaniards in the Top 10 of the Karlovy Vary World Cup 

Yesterday the Triathlon World Cup Karlovy Vary andn the Czech Republic, where victory went to Morgan Pearson y Gwen Jorgensen 

The North American has achieved her second victory in a world cup in just 1 week.  

The test was held under the Olympic distance, which consists of 1,5Km of swimming, 40Km of cycling and 10Km of running.  

In the men's category, the victory has gone to Morgan Pearson with a time of 01: 51: 55, followed by Márk Dévay (01: 53: 07) and for Jonas Schomburg (01: 53: 10). 

In the female category, Gwen Jorgensen took the victory with a time of 02:03:51, closely followed by Rachel Klamer (02: 03: 55) and Marlene Gomez-Göggel (02: 04: 12). 

3 Spaniards in the Top 10  

Spanish participation in the Karlovy Vary World Cup has been outstanding, with two athletes managing to position themselves among the top ten in their respective categories.  

In the men's competition, Nan Oliveras he finished in eighth place with a time of 01:54:13.  

On the female side, Spain had double representation in the top 10: Marta Pintanel Raymundo y Cecilia Santamaria Surroca, who finished in seventh and eighth place respectively.

A good performance for ours.

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