Athletics adds 32 doping cases and cycling only 3 in the first quarter of 2020

Cycling descends to three runners in a classification in which no Spanish athlete appears

As reported the opinion, athletics has revealed 32 doping cases in the first quarter of 2020, the leading sport in a classification in which the United States is the leader for countries with 20 cases of doping.

Cycling with only 3 cases

The figures offered by the so-called king sport contrast with those resulting in cycling, which only produced three positive cases.

As for triathlon, a new positive case has been registered

This is the lowest amount since the Cycling Credibility Movement (MPCC) launched the barometer in 2014, with the exception of the two cases that occurred in this period of 2018.

Cycling occupies the twelfth position in the doping classification in the first quarter of the year, notably shaken by the coronavirus pandemic.

These three cases, none in the World Tour or continental teams, are divided into one of route and two of mountain biking, and the protagonists are two women and one man.

Athletics adds 32 doping cases and cycling only 3 in the first quarter of 2020,img_5ebb96617e055
Doping cases 1st quarter 2020

The Movement for the Credibility of Cycling catutelos by the Covid-19

The MPCC is "cautious" about these "numbers and good practices" of the platoon, on forced rest since mid-March.

The new schedule and the planned resumption of UCI competitions for the second part of the year encourages the MPCC to put doping controls out of competition as soon as possible.

The three cases of doping in cycling during the first trimester contrast with the 32 collected in athletics, the 16 in weightlifting, the 8 in football or the 7 concluded in swimming.

By country, the United States leads the classification of doping cases with 20, followed by South Africa with 11, Russia with 9 and Kenya with 8. Spain does not appear in this quarterly evaluation.


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