34 Spaniards in the European Cup in Caorle

This weekend, the Caorle European Cup, where Spain will have a total of 34 triathletes.

In the Italian test there will be junior and elite competition from Friday to Sunday.

In total Spain will have 34 triathletes in all competitions

7 women and 5 men in the elite event, and 13 men and 9 women in junior

List of Spaniards in Caorle

This is the list of the Spanish elite.

StartNumber AthleteFirst Athlete Last
30 Ander Noain Lacamara
49 Igor Bellido Mikhailova
68 Andrew Hilary Morales
71 Carlos Lozano Fernandez
72 Esteban Basanta Fouz
18 María Casals-Mojica
24 Iratxe Arenal Arribas
26 Sofia Aguayo Mauri
34 Helena Moragas Molina
39 Paula From the drunken well
49 Paula Sanchez Garcia
62 Maria Raised Up

You can consult the complete output list at the following link:


The competition will have the following schedules

Saturday 14, Elite and Junior Finals

  • 14:00 Junior Women's Final
  • 15:00 Junior Men's Final
  • 16:30 Women's Elite
  • 18:30 Male Elite

Sunday 15, Junior Mixed Relay

Where to see it live

Both elite and junior competition can be followed live through the following link

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