A cyclist cycles 3.619 kilometers in just 7 days in the United States

Matthieu Bonne covered an average of 517 kilometers a day

Matthieu Bonne, the Belgian phenomenon known for overcoming extreme challenges and seeking the limits of human performance, has achieved a new world record by cycling 3.619 kilometers in just 7 days in the United States.

Among her previous achievements, Bonne has swum 65 kilometers along the Belgian coast and completed eight triathlons in eight days on eight different islands in the Canary Islands.

During this challenge, Bonne performed a average of 517 kilometers a day, surpassing the previous world record by 29 kilometers.

As average spent between 17 and 19 hours a day on the bike, and more than 20 hours in the last day. Also, she went up at least 1.000 meters of positive elevation gain per day.

despite having chosen ArizonaIn the United States, with its generally favorable climate, Bonne had to deal with bad weather during the challenge.

 "This has been, mentally, the hardest thing I've ever done.Bonne said after completing the challenge.

"Especially due to bad weather conditions. It was also physically exhausting. We had specifically chosen the location in Arizona because there is normally little wind and precipitation here, but you can't control nature.

If you can't drive because of that, you lose time where you could go miles. But, the goal was to break the record and we did it."

With determination and stamina, Matthieu Bonne has overcome another challenge and set a new world record.

Despite the difficulties faced, his feat proves once again that the human spirit can overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

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