4 World Champions will be in the Arzachena triathlon world cup

8 Spaniards will be in the test with options

This next Saturday the second Triathlon World Cup arrives in Italy in the new normal.

The city of Arzachena will receive a good professionals poster where the presence of 4 world champions, Flora Duffy and Katie Zaferes, Vicent Luis and Jonathan Brownlee.

The test will be played over distance sprint.

The men's event is interesting, with a usual poster of the World Series with Vicent Luis in the lead, who will seek his third consecutive victory after those of Hamburg y Karlovy Varu.

Arzachena World Cup Circuits
Arzachena World Cup Circuits

It will also be necessary to take into account Gustav Iden, Henri Schoeman, Kristian Blummenfelt , Alistair Brownlee o Richard Murray among others.

In the test will be several Spaniards who return to the competition after a good performance in Karlovy where Antonio Serrat it was 7º and Genis Grau it was 8º

Besides Antonio and Genis, Alberto González y Roberto Sánchez Mantecón They will be our assets in the test where they will surely fight to be in the top positions

Male start list

The favorites for the women's event are Flora Duffy, recent winner in the Copa de Karlovy varu y Katie Zaferes , although it will be necessary to take into account Rachel Klamer  among others.

As for the Spanish we have the presence of Miriam Casillas, Anna Godoy, Sara Pérez Sala y Xisca Tous. 

Miriam is coming from getting a seventh place in Karlovy Varu and could be fighting among the best.

Female start list


The test will be disputed andl Saturday October 10 where women will leave at 10:30 and men at 15:30

The organization has announced that the event will be held without public due to the sanitary restrictions of Italy.
Where can you see it live?

The test can be followed live through 2 channels

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