44 Spaniards in the Melilla Triathlon European Cup

Miriam Casillas and Alberto González lead the participation

The Autonomous City of Melilla will celebrate this weekend the Triathlon European Cup which will open the European ITU calendar.

Strict health protocol

Safety and strict protocol will prevail along with sporting factors in a competition that will attract the eyes of the entire international scene as it is the first international event of the season and has an exceptional participation

All activities will take place without public and with a small number of people necessary for their development.

The circuits will be protected to avoid visibility as far as possible

The circuits

As for the circuits, the swimming will take place over 750 meters on the beach of San Lorenzo.

In addition to the Paseo Marítimo, the cycling segment will reach Plaza de España and Avenida Juan Carlos I, with a 4,7-kilometer route that will take 4 laps.

To finish, the race on foot will run along the promenade and the closed area with a total route of 2,5 kilometers in which each participant will have to do two laps.

High international level

Among the internationals that will be in the test stand out in the female category Beaugrand , Periault,, Rappaport, or Olmo among others

In the male category, the presence of Bergere, Conix, Pevtsov among others stands out

Opening hours

The Melilla 2021 European Triathlon Cup will be held in the elite category at the following times

  • Female test : From 16:XNUMX p.m.
  • Male test: 16: 30 h.

Spanish participation in the Melilla 2021 Triathlon European Cup

The Spanish team will be represented by 44 members of which 25 are women and 19 are men.

Elite Women

  • 6- Miriam Casillas
  • 14- Sara Pérez
  • 18- Xisca Tous
  • 20- Marta Sanchez
  • 25- Cecilia Santamaria
  • 26- Tamara Gomez
  • 35- Sara Guerrero
  • 36- Noelia Juan
  • 37- Camila Alonso
  • 42- Iria Rodriguez
  • 46- Marta Pintanel
  • 47- Laura Duran
  • 50- Sofia Aguayo
  • 51- Iratxe Arenal
  • 52- Yaiza Saiz
  • 53- Clara Aulinas
  • 54- Claudia Perez
  • 58- Natalia Hidalgo
  • 59- Martha Romance
  • 62- Maria Casals
  • 63- Sara Alemany
  • 65- Helena Moragas
  • 68- Sara Melitta Gimena
  • 69- Natalia Castro
  • 70- Sonia Ruiz

Male Elite

  • 9- Genis Grau
  • 11- Alberto Gonzalez
  • 28- Kevin Tarek Vinuela
  • 35- Guillem Montiel
  • 36- Sergio Baxter
  • 42- Andres Cendan
  • 43- Hector Arevalo
  • 44- Adrian Saez
  • 45- Ander Noain
  • 47- Mikel Ibergallartu
  • 49- Alvaro Martinez
  • 52- Angel Sánchez
  • 54- Ruben Pereira
  • 55- Igor Bellido
  • 57- Jesus Jimenez
  • 58- Vincent Gandia
  • 59- Daniel Tolosa
  • 66- Jorge Gonzalez
  • 70- Esteban Basanta

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