Challenge Lisboa 5 different competitions in a Festival in style

The next 18 major will be held a new edition of Challenge Lisbon a reference worldwide due to the variety of diverse competitions that will be hosted in the Portuguese capital.

Less than 200 days of the celebration of the Challenge Lisbon 2019, the test is already heating up engines. Remember that in the last edition the poster of "complete" was hung in all the competitions and we are sure that for the next year the same thing will happen, since Challenge Lisboa is a test contrasted in the calendar.

Lisbon has good communications with the big Spanish cities and there are many Spaniards who move to Portugal. As usual, the test will also feature some of the best triathletes nationally and internationally.

This year the victory was for Pablo It's pitiful, achieving his second victory in the Challenge Family circuit. Afterwards, the Galician got to be the ITU long distance world champion and European runner-up in Challenge Madrid. He also achieved several podiums in other Challenge events that have led him to share the lead in the World Bonus Challenge along with Sebastian Kienle. In the women's competition the victory was for the British Corinne Abraham, winner this year of the Ironman of Nice and Kalmar and top10 in the Hawaii World Cup.

For the next edition the organization will hold five different competitions:

1.- Challenge Lisboa.

Challenge Lisboa Medium distance

The test reigns, a medium distance triathlon, with .1900m of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21,1 km of running.

Challenge Lisboa offers its participants very fast circuits in the three segments.

The 1.900m of swimming takes place in the estuary of the Tagus River, with very calm waters. Later, the cyclist segment is 4, which turns into a fast circuit parallel to the river and practically flat, until completing the 90km.

The race ends with 21km of the 2 on foot race, 10,5km turns completely flat and also parallel to the Tagus

2- Olympic Plus

Challenge Lisbon Olympic Plus

For triathletes who prefer to compete in a shorter test than the Half Distance, the organization offers the possibility of running the Olympic More 1.5km swimming, 45 km of cycling and 10.5 km of running to foot.

3.- Corporate Cup Relay

Challenge Lisbon Corporate Cup Relay

The Corporate Cup is also Team competition of three members where each of them will cover one of the segments of the middle distance triathlon, ie a reliever will swim 1900m, another reliever will pedal during 90km and the third will run 21,1 km ... and the three together will cross the finish line.

4.- Olympic Cup Relay

Challenge Lisbon Olympic Cup Relay

The test of Olympic distance It will also have its relay version, for teams of 2 or 3 relievers. In the case of teams of three each of them will make a segment while in teams of two one of the triathletes will perform two segments

5.- Family Relay

Challenge Lisbon Family Relay

A different test to promote triathlon between families and teams of all ages. The distances to cover will be short, of a super sprint triathlon: 350m of swimming, 10km of cycling and 2,5 km of running.

All relievers will receive a finisher medal. This test will have the peculiarity that there will be no classifications, since it is focused on the enjoyment of all participants regardless of their time in goal.

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