5º position of Javier Gómez Noya in his first competition at the 2011

In the Australian town of Moolaoodaba, the first test of the ITU Triathlon World Cup, in which the Spaniards Javier Gómez Noya, Iván Raña and Ramón Ejeda participated, was held at dawn on Saturday the 26th.

The victory was for the Australian Brad Kahlefeldt (winner of the 2007 edition) followed in second place by the also local Brendan Sexton, completing the podium with the French David Hauss. The fourth place went to the Swiss Ruedi.

Already in the test in the swimming sector, the triathletes all came out grouped with a difference of less than 1 minute.

In the cycling segment, as expected, the group was unified again, with a demarcation in the last lap where several triathletes obtained some advantage, it is necessary to highlight the presence of the English Stuart Hayes in this escape.

Already in the last segment, these triathletes were gradually reached by the best of the race, among them Javier Gómez Noya. They all held together until the last lap, in which they won the victory in the final stretch Kahlefeldt, Kahlefeldt and Hauss. The final test time was 01:51:52.

Gomez Noya finished the test with a time of 01:52:16 to 22 seconds from Kahlefeldt. The second Spanish was Ramón Ejeda in position 26 with a time of 01:53:32 and Ivan Raña finished in position 31 with a time of 01:54:05

This race is scoring for the world cup, and the next appointment will be in Ishigaki (Japan) on April 17.

Tomorrow, the 27th, the women's event will be held in which the Spanish María Pujol and Ana Burgos will participate.

The classifications can be found here

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