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"6 Reasons, 6" to compete in the XXII Sanitas Triathlon of Seville

In the following article we present 6 reasons why the Sanitas Triathlon of Seville should be a fixed test in the calendar of any triathlete.

1.- May Bridge in the city of Seville

As we already published in a previous article The XXII Sanitas Triathlon of Seville is an ideal event to travel to the Andalusian capital taking advantage of the May 1 long weekend, being able to do tourism and triathlon at the same time. 

2.- A triathlon contrasted with more than 20 editions

El Sanitas triathlon de Sevilla It is the 22 number edition this weekend, being not only one of the oldest triathlons in Andalusia but also in all of Spain and that is growing every year in participation. 

3.- Spectacular circuits

El triathlon de Sevilla will have its epicenter in the Park of the Alamillo, a natural environment with willows, poplars, holm oaks and a rich flora. Swimming will have the start and finish in the CEAR de Cartuja, This segment is carried out completely in the river area Savequivir between the bridges of Alamillo and Barqueta.

Afterwards the cyclist segment is completely flat and without dangerous curves, so it will be a very fast segment. Finally the foot race will have the start in the CEAR and arrival in Park of the Alamillo.  

Seville triathlon starting pontoon

4.- Five different triathlons

The competition consists of 5 tests:

  • triathlon Olympic (1500 m swimming + 40 km of cycling + 10 km of running on foot)
  • triathlon Sprint (750 m of swimming + 20 km of cycling + 5 km of running on foot)
  • triathlon Super Sprint (350 m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km of running on foot)
  • Relays (Team race where each athlete makes a segment 350 m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km race on foot)
  • triathlon de la Equality (Cross the finish line with your partner 350m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km of running)

 5.- Paratriathlon

The circuits are adapted for the participation of paratriathletes. The event is open to athletes in any of the Paratriathlon categories stipulated in the regulations of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (PARATRIATLÓN).

 6.- Cash prizes

All triathlons single will Awards en metal. In the Olympic Games there will be prizes for the top 10 of both sexes and for the first three teams. The top3 of the Sprint and Super Sprint will also receive a cash prize in both sexes.  

More information: http://www.triatlondesevilla.com/es/presentacion

Photos: Carmen Valle

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