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600 fences restrict the circulation of traffic for the European Triathlon to be held in Pontevedra

More than 600 traffic fences will be installed in the city on the occasion of the European Triathlon Championships. A total of 390 in the urban circuit and 274 in the interurban roads, both for circumstantial signaling of prohibited parking and to carry out traffic cuts. Since last Saturday, the installation of signage for parking restrictions began, specifically on Buenos Aires Avenue (from the Tirantes Bridge to Rúa do Mare). Starting at 22.00:21 p.m. on Tuesday the XNUMXst, parking is prohibited.



A prohibited parking sign is placed on the fence, with a legend that specifies from what time and day parking is prohibited (normally it is done 48 or 24 hours in advance), in order to inform drivers or owners of vehicles from parking limitations.
To do this, the Local Police takes a list of the vehicles that are parked at the time of placing the fence, and after the time they remain in the place, they will be transferred to another place at no cost. If the vehicle is parked later, it will be reported and taken to the municipal park by the tow truck.
Today the signage will be placed on Padre Gaite Street, warning of the prohibition on parking starting at 7.00:15.00 a.m. on Wednesday. Tomorrow the fencing will be placed on the streets Avenida de Buenos Aires (from the Santiago Bridge to the Tirantes Bridge), Irmáns Sobrino Buhigas, Salustiano Portela Paz, Padre Fernando Olmedo, Ingeniero Areses, Avenida de Compostela, Padre Fernando Olmedo (in the section between Padre Gaite and Antón Vilar Ponte), with the prohibition of parking starting at 23:XNUMX p.m. on Thursday the XNUMXrd.
Starting at 22.00:XNUMX p.m. on this date, signs prohibiting parking will be installed on Padre Gaite, Santa Clara, Cruz Vermella, and Álvaro Cunqueiro streets and the fairgrounds esplanade will be closed.
Finally, starting at 6.00:24 a.m. on Friday the 550th, fencing will be installed on Cobián Roffignac, Padre Amoedo streets, the access to Illa das Esculturas, the side and back street of the Sports Pavilion and the N-22.00 highway. , starting at 24:XNUMX p.m. on Friday the XNUMXth.


Likewise, during this week, informative signage on the new routes to enter and exit the city will be installed at various points in the city, especially at the entrances and exits of the urban center, as well as on the N-550 highway.

Source: www.farodevigo.es

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