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Nearly €12.000 in prizes in the Ciudad de Santander Triathlon

This September 22, the city of Santander will dress up again to receive a new edition of the Santander City Triathlon.

This test organized by the CD Triciclo Team, will once again attract hundreds of triathletes, both popular, federated and elite, in a test that is part ofl FETRI MD and LD Ranking.

Two Distances, Double Emotion

The Ciudad de Santander Triathlon is distinguished by offering two types of competition: the Olympic Distance and Middle Distance.

The starting shot for the Middle Distance test will be given at 08:30 a.m., while the Olympic Distance competitors will begin at 09:30 a.m.

Participants will be challenged to complete 1.500 meters of swimming, 41 km of cycling and 10,5 km of running for the Olympic distance.

On the other hand, the medium distance will require 1.900 m of swimming, 82 km of cycling and 21 km of running.

It is important to note that drafting will not be allowed, but the use of “goat” type bicycles will be permitted, and the use of a rigid helmet will be mandatory.

Limited to 600 triathletes

The Ciudad de Santander Triathlon competition is limited to 600 participants in total.

This limit is distributed equally between the two modalities of the competition: 300 participants for the Olympic distance and 300 participants for the middle distance.

Furthermore, the organization reserves the right to adjust the number of participants between the two tests, according to the needs and circumstances that may arise.

Nearly €12.000 in Prizes

The financial incentive is notable, with cash prizes amounting to €1.500 for first place in the Middle Distance and €1.000 for the Olympic Distance.

In addition, prizes will be awarded up to tenth place, and the first team finisher and the first participant from Cantabria to cross the finish line will be recognized with special gifts.

An outstanding feature of the Santander City Triathlon is its commitment to gender equality, reflected in the equalization of the economic endowment for the male and female categories.

This year, they will be awarded  nearly 12.000 euros in prizes, distributed equally between both categories.

Although it is increasingly common to see this equality in sports competitions, it is still an important aspect to highlight and applaud.

Olympic Distance Awards:

    • 1st place: €1.000 (male and female) = €2.000
    • 2st place: €500 (male and female) = €1.000
    • 3st place: €350 (male and female) = €700
    • 4st place: €200 (male and female) = €400
    • From 5th to 10th place: €100 each, for both men and women

Media Distancia Awards:

    • 1st place: €1.500 (male and female) = €3.000
    • 2st place: €750 (male and female) = €1.500
    • 3st place: €400 (male and female) = €800
    • 4st place: €200 (male and female) = €400
    • From 5th to 10th place: €100 each, for both men and women

An Event with Social Commitment

The Ciudad de Santander Triathlon is not only a sporting event, but also a manifestation of solidarity.

The test collaborates with entities such as Quality in Dependency Foundation,  el Cantabria Food Bank, the Cantabria Down Syndrome Foundation y Searching for Smiles which reflects the commitment of the organizers to the community.


In addition to the triathlon, Santander offers multiple tourist attractions that the athletes' companions can enjoy.

From the charm of its old town to the relaxing beaches and the impressive Magdalena peninsula, Santander is the perfect setting to combine sport and tourism.

This event is an unmissable event for triathlon lovers and for those who want to enjoy a weekend full of sport and culture in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

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