7 options to compete in Challenge Madrid: "The Festival"

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Challenge Madrid presents up to seven different options to compete, so that any athlete can choose their favorite.

 Challenge Family presents in Challenge Madrid "The Festival", the 21, 22 and 23 days of September will take place a sports party, with up to seven different competitions for all types of sportsmen who want to compete in any of the activities offered by Challenge Madrid.

The Festival Challenge Madrid

1.- Long Distance - European Long Distance Championship (3,8 km + 171 km + 42 km)



The 23 Sunday of September will take place the reign of CHALLENGE MADRID which is also Long Distance European Championship ETU.

At the 08: 00 will be the starting signal of the LONG DISTANCE in Buitrago de Lozolla with the 3,8km of swimming, later the triathletes will face 171 km of cycling in a circuit completely closed to traffic, where the ports of Canencia, Morcuera and Cotos will ascend to Madrid, where the new running circuit will be will travel, mostly, emblematic places of the city of Madrid and will maintain its goal in the 0 Km of the Puerta del Sol.

2.- Relays (3,8 km + 171 km + 42 km)

Same route as the Challenge Madrid Long Distance, but with the possibility of performing the team test, consisting of 2 or 3 participants where each of them will do 1 or 3 segments of the course.

3.- Corporate World Cup (3,8 km + 171 km + 42 km)

CHALLENGE MADRID invites your company to participate in the WORLD CORPORATE CUP, which will be a competition for teams formed by companies (relays), which will be formed by 3 components. The competition will take place in the long distance, consisting of 3.8 Km swimming, 171 Km cycling and 42 Km race on foot.

CHALLENGE MADRID WORLD CORPORATE CUP is an excellent tool for Human Resources departments that will allow 3 members of your company to work together outside the workplace, define as a team and have a unique sporting experience.

4.- Open Water (1,9 km + 3,8 km)

On Saturday 22 at the 18: 00 and from the Embalse de Riosequillo in Buitrago de Lozoya, will begin the OPEN WATERa Swimming test of 1.900 and 3.800 meters.

5.- Large Time Trial Fund (171 km)

On Sunday 23, from the Town Hall Square of Buitrago de Lozoya, will start the GRAND FONDO TIME TRIAL, a novelty test big bike against the clock of 171km You will visit wonderful sites of the Sierra Madrileña and also recover the famous return to the ports with the ascents of Canencia, Morcuera and Cotos. For this competition only 55 seats remain, so do not miss the opportunity to register as soon as possible.

6.- Fun Run (4km)

On Saturday 22 in September at the 12: 00, from the Buitrago de Lozoya sports center, it will be the turn of the FUN RUNa 4 kilometers race designed for the enjoyment of families and friends from all the places in Spain and also from the Municipalities of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

7.- Junior Run (4km)

After the completion of the Fun Run, and from the same sports center, the JUNIOR RUN, a test with different distances for the little ones.


Further information: http://www.challenge-madrid.com

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