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More than 9.500 runners participated in the Moscow half marathon

Russia is in a situation with the lowest number of positive cases since April (5.159)

We echo this news published by I am a runner, where they tell us that the Moscow half marathon, It was played this past Sunday with more than 9.500 participants.

Mass tests are being canceled throughout Europe, but the celebration of this test in the midst of a global pandemic is striking.

It should be noted that it was held when Russia is in a situation with the fewer positive cases since April (5.159)

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Это была захватывающая гонка! . Елена Коробкина финишировала с большим отрывом от соперниц и установила рекорд трассы Московского Московского. . Среди мужчин на протяжение всей гонки сохранялась интрига. Лидеры менялись местами, но на последних километрах Ринас Ахмадеев уверенно вышел вперёд и завоевало. . ? Ринас Ахмадеев 1:04:24? Искандер Ядгаров 1:04:37? Николай Чавкин 1:04:40 4️⃣Степан Киселёв 1:05:11 5️⃣Дмитрий 1. ? Елена Коробкина 05:57:1? Ирина Сергеева 10:29:1? Татьяна Архипова 12:00:1 12️⃣Луиза Дмитриева 25:4:1 12️⃣Алина Проко28:5. # московскийполумарафон # беговоесообщество

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The athletes have run without a mask, but according to the organization they comment that se have complied with all security measures, as can be seen in the images published on social networks.

In sports, the victory was for Rinas Akhmadeev  in the male category with 1:04:24; already Elena Korobkina between women with 1:10:29

On social media the organization commented: «Thank you to the brave and wonderful people, without whom the long-awaited Moscow Half Marathon would not have taken place!

Of course, we are talking about volunteers. All these days 549 people worked in unusual conditions, but no one feared difficulties.

Thank you for spending this weekend with us, your help is invaluable! This year we all ran out of hugs at the finish line, so we hug you now, even if virtually, but from the bottom of our hearts ».

As reported today by the state agency Russia Today, “in the last 24 hours in Russia there have been 5.159 positives for the new coronavirus - a minimum number since April 23 when 4.774 new cases were detected daily.

The total number of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 has increased to 861.423 according to health authorities.

Of the new cases, 1.546 infected (30%) do not present clinical symptoms of the disease.


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