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A Brazilian does 957 Burpees in an hour

He has broken the Guinness record

Cassiano Rodrigues a Brazilian living in Singapore has achieved beat the Guinness record Burpees in an hour.

He has completed a whopping 957, beating the previous record of 879 set this year by Nick Anapolsky.

What is a burpee?

The well-known and feared burpee is a very complete exercise that unites several movements.

It consists of a push-up, a squat, and a vertical jump that works several muscle groups.

The new Guinness record, 957 Burpees

Rodrigues has done something that seems impossible, doing 957 Burpees in one hour, and could not do more since he injured his leg 2 days before, but he wanted to reach the figure of 1.000 repetitions.

Cassiano, who is a fighter and professional martial art teacher, collapsed on the ground at the end of the challenge.

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