Update of the Covid-19 protocol for FETRI Triathlon (June 25)

La Spanish Federation of Triathlon has updated the action plan for competitions and the Covid-19

Regarding the part that affects athletes, we highlight


  • Only competitions with Drafting will be allowed for one maximum of 75 athletes at each start, provided that between 0,80 and 1 meter is guaranteed between athletes at the start.
  • This number will be determined by the maximum number of athletes that can be placed in line at an exit respecting the specified distances.
  • In any case, and with this number of athletes per exit, it is recommended that boys and girls go to different outings.
  • If the number of athletes is greater than 75, output batches must be established with a minimum of 15-20 minutes between each departure.
  • Recommended organize outings by categories / age groups, balancing those 75 athletes every 15-20 minutes.
  • The alternative should be starting competitions Rolling Start and No Drafting.
  • The process for presenting athletes should be reduced as much as possible; and in the case of relays, only the first member will be presented.
  • The goal is toreduce the time that athletes can be exposed.
  • It's recommended that athletes wear socks / flip flops as long as possible that are in contact with the ground. The use of masks is recommended until the time of departure
  • In duathlon it will be in starting boxes in rows of 10 athletes with a separation of 1,5 meters from one row to another.

Transition area

  • They will only be allowed 2 bikes on each side, in each 3 meter section of bar (4 bicycles); however, it is recommended that 3 bicycles be placed on each side of 2 meters, 1 on one side and 1 on the other (3 bicycles).
  • Ldistance between bars (aisles) must be at least 5 meters.
  • Must be provide a basket to each athlete, that he will collect it himself, at the entrance to the transition area on the day of the competition.
  • In the case of reusing baskets, try to do it overnight and they must be disinfected.
  • This could mean that they are left in place so as not to manipulate them and leave the disinfectant to work.
  • The system bags will not be authorized.
  • All the material will remain in the athlete's space in the Transition Area.
  • Nor tents will be enabled for change and athletes must prepare for a competition where they cannot change.
  • It is not allowed to get naked within the transition area

Cycling and running

  • As specified in the Output section, the recommendation for the WITH or WITHOUT Drafting format, will come ddetermined by the number of athletes participants or the possibility of organizing the start batches.
  • In the event that there is a wheel change area, the wheels must be deposited by the athletes and / or technicians of the clubs
  • In the case of the foot race, it is recommended avoid round trip circuits and, to the extent possible, keep d4 meter distance between athletes; if this is not possible, athletes are recommended to stay at an angle of 45º with other athletes

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