Post Kona PTO Rankings Update

Last weekend the women's event of the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona and has had a direct impact on the Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) rankings. 

Lucy Charles-Barclay He achieved his first title in this competition after four previous attempts. He followed him on the podium Anne Haug, who also established a new record in the foot race of this race. 

With just over two months left until the PTO World Rankings are finalized, everything is still up for grabs. 

Anne Haug leads with 97.83 points, closely followed by Ashleigh Gentle with 97.67 points. Taylor Knibb It is in third place with 97.24 points. Lucy Charles It rises to fourth place, moving up 2 places and is now with 95.18 points. 

The one that rises the most

Chelsea Sodaro She is the athlete who rises the most in this update with 109 places, placing her in 11th place. In Kona she was sixth.

Top 10 female 

Position  Athlete  Points 
1  Anne Haug  97.83 
2  Ashleigh Gentle  97.67 
3  Taylor Knibb  97.24 
4  Lucy Charles-Barclay  95.18 
5  Laura Philipp  92.28 
6  Paula Findlay  92.02 
7  Kat matthews  91.26 
8  Daniela Ryf  90.90 
9  Emma Pallant Browne  90.81 
10  Imogen Simmonds  90.55 

 See the lens assembly tutorial complete ranking  

Spanish in the Ranking 

These are the positions and points that the Spanish women have in the Ranking, where Sara Pérez is the best classified. 

Position  Athlete  Points 
19  Sara Perez Sala  83.73 
25  Gurutze Frades larralde  82.23 
92  Anna Noguera Raja  64.68 


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