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The VII Acuatlón Velá de Triana, opens inscriptions

The mythical Triana will once again host this prestigious event in its streets.

Today Tuesday 29 of May open inscriptions of the VII Acuatlón Velá de Triana, Íñigo Vallejo memorial under a quota of 350 participants.

On Sunday 15 of July, the 11h will be the starting signal for the test of Non-federated, covering a distance of 2.500m of running, 600m of swimming and culminating with other 2.500m of running.

At the 11: 45h will be the start of the Federados race, being all in the surroundings of the Plaza del Altozano de Triana, under the distances of 2.500m of running, 1km of swimming and 2.500m of running race.

There is no doubt that many aquatists do not want to miss the excitement of running streets of Triana, and swim under the Puente de Triana.

Aquatlon Vela Triana Poster

La Betis Street, scene of so many photos for the memory of anyone who likes to visit Sevilla, or the Alley of the Inquisition, place so little known by many Sevillians and that anyone who visits it will go for a walk around it. Finally, with a goal located in the very same Triana Bridge, scene where it is forbidden to miss seeing the most emblematic brotherhoods of Seville in their Holy Week.

El neighborhood of Triana and the trianeros want to show us that the sport of triathlon has a corner in its history and that its neighborhood is the birthplace of artists, poets, dancers, singers and athletes.

The neighborhood of Triana are already giving their all to be a show, and as this year says our motto on the poster, you can not miss: THE ACUATLÓN WITH MORE MAGIC.

More information and registration www.ofsport.es

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