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Eagles, Triathlon in its purest form

This weekend, Águilas has become the capital of triathlon in Europe. The young promises of this sport have measured their strength on the beaches and streets of the city, turning the coastal municipality into a spectacle.

Since the Opening Ceremony of the XXVII "Marques de Águilas" Triathlon was held this past Friday, the whole city has turned to this sport festival. Hundreds of columbines and visitors have watched the development of the events encouraging the young triathletes in their fight for the medals.

We must highlight the excellent organization of each and every one of the tests, the result of the effort and commitment of the staff of the Municipal Sports Board and its Volunteers, a task that has been publicly recognized by the President of the ETU, Renato Bretandi, the President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, as well as the municipal authorities, represented by the Mayor, Bartolomé Hernández and the Sports Councilor, Diego Martínez Parra
Although the luck has not been put face to face with the Spanish athletes, who have not been rewarded for their efforts with a place on the podium, our triathletes have been fighting for the top positions in all the races played.
In Sub 23, the trio formed by Mario Mola, Alarza and Uxío Abuín cut differences with the race head without managing to enter the final dispute for the metals. At the finish line, Frenchman Le Corre took gold after a close final sprint in the final meters of the competition with Slovakian Richard Varga who had to settle for silver, while British Thomas Bishop took bronze at enter third place.

In the female category, which had a wide Spanish representation, Carolina Routier returned to demonstrate her great skills in the water, starting in first position. The banyolina was closely followed by the Swiss Celine Schaerer, the Croatian Sara Vilic, the Russian Anastasia Abrosimova and Barcelona's Anna Godoy.
However, the bicycle circuit took down the Spanish triathletes throwing the French Cassan and the Russians to the first places.

Alexandra Razarenova and Elena Danilova who won gold, silver and bronze respectively.
In the Men's Youth Relay category, a test that has developed at a strong pace, the Hungarians and Portuguese stood out in the early stages of the competition, although finally the French team has been proclaimed Champion of Europe, followed by the Hungarian team, silver , and the Norwegians bronze, while the Spanish have achieved a remarkable sixth place in the European.
The Spanish team, made up of Aleix Domenech, Ignacio González and Antonio Serrat, has offered a great performance, demonstrating its good progress.
In the Women's Youth Relay, where 16 teams have competed, the Portuguese representatives have risen to the top of the podium, accompanied by the French team in second position and the British team in third place.
For their part, the three components of the Spanish team have finished the championship in 11th position. Cecilia Santamaría has been the first to enter the Playa de las Delicias, leaving the water and staying in the leading group. After doing his relief, the witness has given to Inés Santiago who has made the second post. While Yaiza Bermudes has been in charge of closing the Spanish relay.
In another major sporting event, the Men's Junior European Cup, held on Sunday morning, the first place on the podium was for the Israeli Amiati Yonah, silver for the Belgian Jelle Geens and bronze for the Swiss athlete Adrien Briffod , while the Spanish Antonio Serrat has obtained a creditable fourth place.

In women, the Hungarian Renata Fuchs has taken first place, while the second and third places have gone to the Italian Lisa Schanung and the Slovak Ivana Kuriackova respectively.

Finally, the Under 23 Mixed Relay have seen the Italian team crown with gold, while the silver went to the Russian triathletes and the bronze to the athletes of Great Britain.

For their part in the Qualifier for the Spanish Championship, Issac López, Jesús Gomar, Albert Parreño, Bruno raso, Emilio Aguayo, Pedro Miguel Reig, Alberto González, Jordi Pascual, Víctor have obtained a place

Candel, Raúl Martínez, Pedro Miguel Serrano, Víctor Benages, the brothers Jesús and Víctor Ramírez, and Daniel Puerta, while in women all the athletes who have contested the event, Elena Aguilar, Melina Alonso, Carmen Alfonso, have managed to ensure their participation Nuria Pubill, Mabel Gallardo, Amaya Jimeno, Laia Escobedo, Fátima Maestre, Presentation García, Ana Bellver and the aquiline María López de Haro.



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