Dextro Madrid: Ainhoa ​​Murua: «The penalty has been a shame»

The Spanish triathlete Ainhoa ​​Murua has been "happy" after finishing in fourteenth position the second round of the World Triathlon Championship, held in Madrid, although she acknowledges that "it was a shame" that she was penalized with 30 seconds, since she was marching between the first ten.

“They penalized me because in the first transition my goggles fell off my helmet and in the second transition I didn't leave my helmet in place. I have not noticed. It was a shame, I was ninth, tenth and when they told me that I had two penalties and that I had to stop thirty seconds. There are many seconds in this type of race »

In the 30 seconds that she was stopped before starting the last lap, the Spanish triathlete was overtaken by four runners. "In this time four have passed me and in the end I was fourteen, it's a shame," he said.

Even so, Murua was "satisfied" with the work done in Madrid and claims to leave "happy. “I am happy because I had a good race, at all times I have been in front with the best and that is the positive. In addition, now everything is starting and we are doing well, "he said.

Source: EuropaPress

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