Ainhoa ​​Murua 11º in the grand final of the world series in Auckland

The Grand Final of the ITU World Series in elite female category has taken place this early morning Spanish time in Auckland. In a very technical and even competition, the only Spaniard in the competition, Ainhoa ​​Murua has starred in a great performance throughout the competition.



The first to get out of the water were Klamer, Morrisson, Groff and Harrison. While Ainhoa ​​has completed the two laps of 750m each in 12th place, ten seconds behind the first.

During the 40 km cyclists, the Zarautz-born triathlete has integrated the leading group made up of about 20 triathletes, among whom were Hewiit, Groff, McIlroy, Norden, Riveros Díaz, Juri Ide and Harrison. The urban route has been marked by its toughness with 180º turns and a very technical circuit.

During the 10 km of running, a very compact block of around 12 triathletes has led the sector; including Murua. The Gipuzkoa has held the top positions throughout the contest, offering a very regular performance and maintaining her options until the end.

A few meters away, Anne Haug He has unmarked himself from the rest and is heading alone towards the finish line. For her part, the silver medalist, Gwen Jorgenssen has had a prominent role; excelling in the third segment, in which he has managed to overcome a disadvantage of more than a minute. While the bronze has gone to the Chilean Bárbara Riveros Díaz.

In the end, the Swedish Lisa Norden was proclaimed World Champion 2012. While the German Haug has obtained the second position and the kiwi triathlete Andrea Hewitt has achieved the third place. For his part, Ainhoa ​​Murua closed an exceptional season with eighth position in the final classification.

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