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Albert Moreno second in the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

The victory has been for Romain Guillaume and Daniela Ryf

After yesterday's victory of Anna Noguera in the duathlon test today the queen test was held with the medium distance triathlon, where the Spanish Albert Moreno has achieved the second position

In the men's category the victory has been for the French Romain Guillaume with a time of 6:02:52 followed by Spanish Albert Moreno (6: 09: 42) and by the Belgian Kenneth Vandendriesche (6:11:42) occupying the third final position.

Albert has won the second place in the test for the third time (2019, 2018 and 2014)

As for the rest of the Spanish who participated in the test, they stand out Víctor del Corral 7º, Joan Rivureta 10º, Pello Osoro 12 º Gonzalo Fuentes 20th Erick Merino 21º.

In the female category, the victory has been for the Swiss Daniela Ryf with a time of 6: 15: 57 followed by the Austrian Carrie Lester (6: 44: 15) and by the Belgian Alexadra Tondeur (6: 57: 32) in third position.

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