Alberto Bravo, Spanish 100km Champion after incredible comeback in Ávila

Alberto Bravo Sánchez has achieved victory in an exciting finale in the Spanish 100km Championship held in Sotillo de la Adrada, Ávila.

The triathlete from Salamanca, 43 years old and belonging to the Escuela Salamantina de Triathlon club, staged an epic comeback to win his first absolute title.

The race began with a dizzying pace imposed by Carlos Gazapo, who led the test with an advantage of up to 8 minutes at kilometer 97.

However, fate had a surprise in store: Gazapo suffered a physical collapse that forced him to walk, allowing Bravo and Manel Deli Andujar they hunted him down.

In a heart-stopping finish, Bravo crossed the finish line in first place with a time of 6:57:13, followed just 10 seconds by Deli. Gazapo, despite his dramatic setback, managed to finish in third position, demonstrating his fighting spirit.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Alberto Bravo Sánchez ESP 06:57:13
2 Manel Deli Andujar ESP 06:57:23
3 Carlos Gazapo Bravo ESP 07:14:13
4 Marco Alvarez Hernandez ESP 07:22:19
5 José Antonio Urbaneja Carrasco ESP 07:24:17
6 Francisco Mariano Martínez Morales ESP 07:32:11
7 Miguel Ángel Martínez Hernández ESP 07:38:50
8 Antonio Daniel Moreno Villena ESP 07:43:39
9 José Luis Galán García ESP 07:56:09
10 Enrique Delgado Alonso ESP 07:56:26

There are no previous results.

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