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Alberto González Champion of Spain of Elite Triathlon 2020.

Today was held in Banyoles the Spanish Triathlon Championship elite over olympic distance.

On a day marked by the celebration of the ITU World Championship in Hamburg, which has meant that some of the international triathletes are not present, the test has been contested in compliance with all Covid-19 protocols

After the women's test where the title has taken him Paula Herrero the boys' turn came at 18:00 p.m.

The first to come out of the water was Ander Noain followed by Kevin Tarek at 2 seconds and by Adriá Muñoz at 32.

In the first lap of the cycling segment, Noain and Tarek marched together, 22 seconds ahead of Carlos Oliver, who was leading the chasing group with the rest of the favorites.

The group was unified with 17 units where they were Iván Raña, Noain, Tarek, Bellido or Lucas Mola, Mario Mola's brother.

In the last lap, the chasing group managed to catch up with the leader, forming a platoon of almost 40 triathletes.

In the foot race Kevin Tarek was the one who broke the group with a strong rhythm, going through the first lap with only 9 triathletes in the lead.

In this group were Héctor Arévalo, Ander Noain, Alberto González, Ángel Sánchez, Lucas Mola, Rubén Pereira, Guillen Montiel, Antón Ruanova and Igor Bellido.

In another change of rite, Héctor Arévalo reduced the group a little by 7 units with Tarek, Sanchez, Mola, Pereira, Mola. Shortly after, Tarek launched another attack, leaving with Ángel Sánchez and Alberto González.

In a very exciting final part, finally the victory at the sprint has been for Alberto González with a time of 1: 45: 44, followed by Angel Sanchez (1: 45: 47) and for Kevin Tarek (1:45:50) in third final position


Classifications Spain men's elite triathlon Championship 2020
Classifications Spain men's elite triathlon Championship 2020

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