Everything ready in Alcobendas for the final of the National League of Duathlon Clubs 2022 

The final classifications of the First and Second Men's and Women's Divisions of the National League of Duathlon Clubs are defined 

The National League of Duathlon Clubs closes this weekend with two exciting days that will define the Final classifications of First and Second Division both masculine and feminine, with the dispute of the Spanish Championships of Duathlon Time Trial Teams and Relays.

It will also mean the second and third day of the National League of Talent Clubs of Triathlon that started in the Duathlon National Championships for Clubs and Mixed Relays held two weeks ago in Valladolid.

The end of the first of the national leagues of the Spanish Triathlon Federation is very open and with different options in all categories.

Situation of the National Leagues of Duathlon Clubs 

After the celebration of the league days in La Nucía and Valladolid, CEA Bétera leads the classification of the Women's First Division, with just four points ahead over Diablillos de Rivas, and six over Saltoki Trikideak. Relatively close to the fight for the first three positions are Katoa Barcelona and Náutico de Narón, and in the lower part they fight for permanence Fasttriatlon Barcelona, ​​Prat Triatló 1994, Ecosport Alcobendas and Triatlón Oviedo.

In the Women's Second Division, Soriano Triathlon is the sole leader ahead of Inforhouse Santiago, and up to five teams fight for third position: Montilla Córdoba Triathlon, La208 Triathlon Club, Tritrain4you Málaga, Tripuçol and E-Triathlon Valladolid.

La Men's First Division presents Saltoki Trikideak as leader, with a difference of 19 points over Marlins Triathlon Madrid; 26 on Alusigma Peñota Dental Portugaletekoa and Cidade de Lugo Fluvial; 28 to Devils of Rivas; and 34 to the Soriano Triathlon, in the fight for the podium. They close the table Flor de Triatló, Fasttriatlon Barcelona, ​​Triatlón Santander and Prat Triatló 1994.

In the ADSevilla Men's Second Division, Tri Infinity Móstoles and Katoa Barcelona lead the classification in pursuit of promotion.


Duathlon competitions in Alcobendas will begin on Saturday 9 with the Spanish Championships of Duathlon Time Trial Teams of Talents, with first departures at 9 and 9:25 a.m. for the Open and Elite Men's categories; and at 10:15 and 10:28. with the Open and Elite Women tests respectively.

The penultimate day of the National League of Duathlon Clubs will begin at 12 noon. with the CRE Women's Open race, to continue at 12:15 p.m. with the Elite Feminine output. At 15:30 p.m. and 16:44 p.m. The Open and Elite Men will respectively take place.

El Sunday 10 will take place Spanish Relay Duathlon Championships starting with the men's and women's Open categories, starting at 8:15 and 8:20. respectively.

The elite tests will be at 10:30 a.m. the masculine, and 10:32 the feminine.

The relay tests of the National League of Talent Triathlon Clubs will close the competitions, with departures at 12:30 and 12:32. respectively for Men's Elite and Men's Open, and at 12:34 and 12:36 h. for Elite and Women's Open.

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