Alejandro Blanco: "The Games should not be held in 2021 if there was the least risk in Tokyo"

In an article published in 20 minutes, Alejandro Blanco   President of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), comments his vision on the current overview of Coronavirus Covid-19 and Tokyo Olympics to be held in 2021.

If there is minimal risk in Tokyo, the Games could not be done

Everything has to be controlled. Everyone talks about a vaccine being the solutionbut if there is minimal risk in Tokyo, the Games could not be done.

We are talking about the events happening and the first and priority is health, and that has to be totally controlled »

Another possible postponement to 2022

«I have always thought that beyond 2021 it is impossible, but this news opens up a new possibility.

I don't see it, but I don't have to make the decision; with the Games beyond 2021 you would suddenly enter the calendars of international federations, which have already modified them thinking that the Games would be in 2021, "he said.

Games without an audience?

On the possibility that there will be no public in Tokyo, Blanco considers that ehe International Olympic Committee (IOC) has considered "all options".

"If there is no public it will be because the health situation does not advise it, but if they do not advise it to the public, it would not be advisable for athletes either.

The Games are a whole, and within that Olympic family must be the public. Already with athletes and journalists alone, there are more than 10.000 spectators, "he stressed.

The opening of the Games in 2021 will be "the ceremony of ceremonies"

In another order of things, the highest representative of the COE believes that the opening of the Games in 2021 will be "the ceremony of ceremonies", and that the Olympic Village will be "the greatest explosion of excellence".

«See bloom heroes will have a larger dimension than in other Games. It will be the ceremony of ceremonies. We have had terrible moments in the world, more than 50% of the population has been confined for many months.

Being able to see idols in the Games will have a huge dimension. When the flag bearers come out, everyone will cry, "he said.

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